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Hosted PBX Services Simplifying Communication Management

Hosted PBX VOIP Strives to Untangle All Your Communication Hassles

Hosted VOIP services are the new generation communication solution. As the demand for a quality communication channel is increasing day by day, Hosted PBX or Virtual PBX is emerging as a great and viable option. Companies of all sizes are going for Hosted PBX systems; especially the SMBs. Hosted Services are like a boon to such organizations with growing needs. For budding industries it is really crucial to have systems which help them enhance their image and contribute in their growth. Business has a very important aspect and that is interaction with clients. PBX is a great alternative for business interaction; it also helps the firms to reduce their communication expenses.

Firms with small and medium sizes can harness the potential of hosted systems to the optimum level as it offers a vast array of options at limited and reasonable prices. Intervention of Hosted PBX technology has opened a lot of options for even small size organizations. Now these firms do not have to think twice before going for virtual PBX services. Hosted PBX has brought SMBs also at par with large firms in terms of being able to afford a high class services for their clients. The Small Business PBX offers multiple feasible options to the small enterprises as it targets the needs of the SMBs. We at The Real PBX are very dedicated towards providing world class services to our clients. The Real PBX provides superior quality of hosted services at very competitive rates. Our Technical support service is available 24x7x365 that too free of cost.

Why Trust Us As Your Hosted PBX Communication Partner?

We at The Real PBX strive to untie the complexities in the business communication channel that we deliver to our clients. Our chief aim is to provide our clients with the best value for money. There are multiple reasons why to trust us as your hosted communication partner:

  1. Our hosted communication solution is controlled entirely by a robust control suite to manage all functionality like time-based call routing, call logs, call recording, call forwarding, integrated messaging and many more.
  2. The extensive PBX functionality that we offer for call management is unparalleled as it focuses on ways to prevent the calls from being missed out and greatly enhances the chances of receiving business leading customer calls.
  3. Managerial features of Hosted PBX systems include remote access to communication system, ticket generation for technical problems, fully-functional call center features and streamlined customer billing portal.
  4. Physical independence is one of the greatest benefits with this system. The representatives can make and receive calls from anywhere, anytime through any device that supports good quality internet.

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