With Hosted PBX service, The Real PBX is always working to make the things simple, yet powerful for you. 3-Way Calling is another addition in the studded armory of feature of our Hosted PBX service. The 3-Way Calling feature allows a user to speak with two other users on the same call. This multi-way calling is not restricted to a certain PBX or local or international number. The calls on the 3-Way Calling can be made to different regions and networks or within the same PBX with the same ease.

Undoubtedly, communication is the lifeline of businesses. Email, fax, and phones calls- each of them has a great importance for the businesses. Since long, email and fax have earned more value than phone for their ease of use for multiple-end communication, even though they fall short on the instantaneous needs. Our Hosted PBX service delivers you a simplified way of multiple-end communication to boost your business on via phones. With 3-Way Calling feature, you can call two different numbers.