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Hosted PBX VOIP: 3 Way Calling:

3 Way calling is a new introduction in the telephony world that connects 3 people instantaneously over the same business call. Whether this call is international or local depends on the destination to which the call is made and the charges apply likewise.

3 Person Call with Your Business Phone

  •     Call one person and tell him/her to hold the call
  •     Now dial the second person's number whom you want to call
  •     When the second person picks the call connect both calls together by pressing "flash" button
  •     Now all 3 callers are able to talk and listen in on one call
  •     At any point during the call you can switch back to one-on-one call by putting second person on hold
  •     You can also disconnect the previous call or the new call or both calls

However, it is important to ensure that during a 3 way call, call conferencing feature is disabled.

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