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Hosted VOIP PBX System Advanced ACD Feature:

The Real PBX offers.

Advanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) - A unique calling feature provided by The Real PBX is advanced ACD. With business PBX environment this feature smartly routes the incoming phone calls to their right destinations, in a customized manner specified by the user.

Improved Business Communication with IP PBX Auto Attendant:

Our advanced ACD is a technologically evolved communication system that can optimize your business communication greatly. All incoming calls are processed quickly and efficiently and are than routed to the person who can handle it best. This greatly reduces the time callers are on hold or wait, increasing customer satisfaction to a great amount. Different paths are assigned to different callers in a pre-determined manner, for managing call queues and callers on hold. Calls are prioritized and routed to specified destinations. The incoming calls, based on a programmed sequence, can be directed to any destination like an operator, voicemail, a live person or can be put on hold for a specific period of time. DNIS (Direct Number Identification Service) and ANI (Automatic Number Identification) directs calls to agents or can also send calls directly to voicemail if it cannot be received at that time. The Real PBX"Advanced ACD" intelligently finds the relevant information for every call that is needed to connect callers with the right person with an unmatched efficiency at the lowest prices available.

Auto Attending-

The Real PBX provides an integrated auto attendant feature also known as the digital receptionist. The automated attendant transfers calls to the right destinations sans being interrupted by a human receptionist. It allows the callers to reach a particular extension or a live person, 24X7 each day. The Real PBX "Auto attendant" feature is the most flexible and dedicated call managing system of its kind in the industry.

The automated attendant offers a pre-recorded menu allowing the caller to choose from any of the available options like:

  • Go to next choice
  • Return to the previous choice
  • Dial an extension
  • Repeat choices
  • Return to the previous menu
  • Call operator

A dial by name and dial by extension directories are also available. The advanced auto attendant derives the necessary information from the caller before transferring his request to the desired destination.It gives your business enterprise a customized phone system to impress your callers 24 X 7, and cater to your business's needs by allowing you to have multiple auto attendants, instead of just one at lowest prices available.

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