Jun 14

Toll Free Number and the Hassles of Availability

Toll free number demand and supply graph has been noticing a rugged shape since its hidden importance is being realized by the small and medium scale enterprises. To meet the growing expectations, the 888, 877, 866 and 855 series have already been released. Despite the release of so many such numbers, the 7-digit prefixes that can be formed are quite limited in relation to a certain domain of business.

Toll Free Number Brokerage

Every business organization looks forward to seeking ways in which it can enhance its growth. It is the truth that finding an attractive and easy-to-remember 8xx number can enhance the business profitability results manifolds. Vanity numbers are growing immensely in their popularity and SMBs have their eyes on certain numbers that they intend to grab as soon as they become available. Abstractly, this behavior is analogous with that maintained by those who spend their time waiting cautiously for some website domains to open and then resell the desirable website URL for unreasonable price.

Brokers are available for purchasing and selling these numbers. Business firms can find out the desirable number from these brokers and can get them hosted on remote servers that are maintained by Hosted PBX providers. In this case, this number has to be ported to the remote servers that are maintained by the service providers.

The Irrelevant Category

Analyzing the professional front, if an organization decides to extend marketing and business recognition activities through a vanity number that has been reserved by some other organization, then there needs to be strong planning and research done on this part. Some of the well-established business organizations might be using numbers that are not relevant to the domain of their business.

When such numbers are possessed after a long time of usage for some other brand, they do not tend to be so effective and a large number of misdial activities take place. Despite of taking your business up, they may even drag you down. So, make sure you perform intense research before signing up for such vanity numbers.

The Confusion Root

With limited availability of a toll free number, it becomes hard to get a number prefix that is quite common. In such a case, business organizations seek for the same vanity phrases with a different prefix. Generally it appears that these numbers tend to be beneficial for business but they may have a negative impact as well. The average user perception has not yet shifted from the 800 series to the 888, 877, 866 or 855 series. So, even if the phrase is catchy enough and easy-to-understand, there are chances that the customer may dial in 800 prefix instead of the other series. This takes your potential leads to your competitors thereby leaving you with loss of affording the famous number.

It is thus better to go for the 800 series or with the popular vanity phrases. Another option is to get a number series that is easy to remember. There are pros and cons to everything. So, make sure you make the right decision with your toll free number.

Jun 07

How Can Hosted PBX Enhance The Business Productivity Graph?

Cost savings is one of the largest factors driving the switch from the traditional phone systems to the Hosted PBX VOIP system. Undoubtedly, this phone channel can help in cutting down telephony costs significantly, especially when the organization is involved in making a large number of international calls. Thinking beyond the line of cost reduction, VOIP has manifold benefits that are not available with the traditional PSTN phone lines. It is essential to recognize the benefits that this digital phone system offers. This way, the available benefits can be better availed and business profitability and employee efficiency can be increased.

Starting from the basics, one way in which Hosted PBX systems are different from the traditional telephony options is that this system has a single number that is linked to several telephone lines. Besides, the traditional PSTN phones can also be connected with these phone numbers. Wondering how that is possible? The configuration of this type of phone channel is quite easy. The single number that is used by an organization is directed to a number of extensions. These extensions may be linked with some mobile media, VOIP phones or the fixed landline phones. The new launch of Google Glass is also soon to be integrated with VOIP for calling purposes.

This tailor-made communication system can be configured and used as per the users’ demands. The exclusive features of Hosted PBX provide the users with the image of a Fortune 500 business firm. The presence of Interactive Voice Response projects a big business impression on the callers. The ACD feature directs the callers to the destined department. The setup of Hosted PBX system is independent of the location of the user. This means that people at two different geographical destinations can have independent extensions connected to the same number. The calls between these extensions are free of cost.

Local numbers and toll free numbers are also exclusive features of Hosted PBX systems. Business organizations functioning from any part of the world can have local numbers to any other destination. This way they can depict a local presence even if they are functioning overseas. The use of 800 numbers attracts the users since they do not have to bear the charges of their calls and queries. So, even with a mobile workforce and no physical office, your business can gain a massive business image. The better the image, the more extensive is the customer base of the organization. Greater customer base ensures better business profitability and hence, better Return-on-Investment.

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