6 Ways VoIP is Impacting Social Media

Out of the numerous innovations made last year, VoIP technology made a lasting effect on social media. Many of the social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are constantly evolving to enable people to connect easily. With constant evolution, social media platforms have now started to make a strong mark over VoIP services. The […]

Unfold Answers to Your VoLTE Queries

Mobilizing your world will become much simpler with Voice over LTE (VoLTE), a technology similar to VoIP used by Skype to support voice calls over the broadband connection. In a nutshell, VoLTE enables users to make voice calls while simultaneously using data network. LTE – abbreviated as long term evolution is one of the fastest […]

6 Ways Businesses Can Detangle VoIP-Based Communication Hassles

VoIP is no longer a buzzword or an emerging trend. The world of communication industry significantly relies upon VoIP-based services as it is essential for smooth business functioning. It makes an obvious choice for businesses as VoIP-enabled business processes not only improves the in-house team member’s efficiency but also brings a drastic improvement in customer […]