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May 04

Migrating to VoIP: What Businesses Should Consider?

  The increasingly growing use of VoIP services doesn’t surprise anymore. Read any news article online or pick any trade publication, journal — every platform is speaking volumes about burgeoning use of VoIP solutions in expanding business space. Almost every workplace ranging from IT firms, manufacturing, hospitals to local shops screams rapidly spreading phrase “Enterprise …

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May 02

5 Ways Call Conferencing can Benefit Your Small Business

Imagine, while on the way to a long vacation suddenly, an office call drops in that requires the presence of clients and other third-parties. And with the help of call conferencing tools you are able to collaborate all of them conveniently. Call conferencing not only enables businesses to facilitate connectivity between employees and company in …

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Apr 27

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Virtual Office

Does traveling down to workplace take away a big portion of your salary? Does working after office hours become a big hassle for you? Are you willing to build up a professional image for your startup? Many other alike questions would be bothering you and affecting your workability. Right? Well, the recent advancements in tech …

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Apr 25

4 Ways VoIP Can Improve Customer Service

An old adage, “you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” exactly fits the customer service world. Yet, businesses tend to ignore this fact leaving customers to safeguard themselves with irritating automated voice-mail systems and online self-help variety of ways. The fact cannot be denied that customers are the backbone of any …

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Apr 19

5 Benefits of Having a Toll-Free Number for Your Startup

Startup life isn’t just about getting into the limelight. It’s about bringing innovation and dealing with disruptions effectively. And it’s not as easy as it sounds. Startup build-up goes through a lot of leaps and bounds so; lack of efficient planning can lead to its breakdown. Placing a well-established plan of action for creating better …

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Apr 15

6 Ways Virtual PBX Saves Money during Business Travels

Do you want to save money on business travel & communication? Here is how virtual PBX can help you save both,  money and time during these business trips.In this digital age, businesses are serving customers anywhere across the globe and at any time. We are living in an era where the market is extensively aggressive …

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