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Oct 13

Why using Toll-free Numbers will Lift-up Your Business’ Performance

In the business world a common saying, better an egg today than a hen tomorrow refers to the well examined fact that delivering satisfactory services to the existing customers certainly adds profit to the company’s account than attracting a new customer. In other words, a wise and good company will try to keep happy customers …

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Oct 09

8 Reasons Why You Should Switch to IP PBX

IP PBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone communication system that sends voice as data packets over the internet to connect the various ends of a business. Instead of the traditional telephone lines, it relies on the internet and escapes the geographical limitations. It allows access to advanced communication features while also enabling …

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Oct 05

How SMBs Can Overcome Business Challenges with Hosted PBX

Sending reports, importing data and answering business calls was never so easy. Thanks to the cloud! The potential of cloud computing doesn’t end at just enabling employees to access information from any location, any device. It’s much more than that. The emergence of cloud computing has transformed entirely the business communication climate.   The tremendous …

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Oct 01

Reasons Why You Should Use Softphones for Your Business

Softphone is very much of what its name suggests – a software version of the phone. These programs basically deploy VoIP calling and can be installed on the computer devices to dial and receive calls without requiring a dedicated telephone line or hardware. Working on the computer, the softphones can deliver a number of quality …

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Sep 29

Benefits of VoIP Phone System For Employees

VoIP phones have taken the telephony industry by storm. With the cost-effective and flexible packages that VoIP offers, most businesses have moved from the traditional phone systems and many more are planning to do the same. Not only are these phones affordable but loaded with plenty of features, such as better connectivity, easier software compatibility, …

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Sep 22

Positives and Negatives of Always Being Connected

Communication is one field in which human has certainly earned great achievements. Today, the communication systems are so effectively abundant that we are available with the amenities to remain connected with someone at any point of time. Be it a business need or a family urgency, communication technology has created a number of mediums to …

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