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Feb 04

Tips to Get the Maximum ROI from Your VoIP Investment

  As the technology is drifting rapidly from the paper world to the digital world, achieving a stronger ROI has become simpler. This thought indirectly highlights that unplanned IT budget can lead to distorted and reduced business revenue. Considering the simplicity offered by IT solutions to manage business processes, administering VoIP technology and related applications …

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Feb 02

Can Existing Phones be used on a Hosted PBX?

Legacy phone system – sounds like a thing of the past. Originated almost 2 decades back, VoIP and associated systems have evolved to a significant extent now to get past the pain points of conventional phone systems. It allows companies and users to focus on the core of business functionality. Going back in time, where …

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Jan 29

5 Surprising Benefits Small Businesses get from SIP Trunking

Communication forms the ‘lifeblood of all businesses.’ Companies are increasingly willing to build a business communication realm that can quickly provision multiple applications and control such applications simultaneously. Enhanced reliability, scalability and security offered by emerging technologies have brought a significant shift in working mindsets of companies, enabling them to house technologies and resources that …

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Jan 20

5 Things to Consider Before Switching to Hosted PBX

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) serves as a lifeline for business communications by connecting different employees and departments on the phone line. Residing on the abilities of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), PBX has been working on in-house servers that control, monitor, and route the calls. But quite recently, the communications industry has seen a new …

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Jan 14

SIP Forking: How it Works?

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a communication protocol that is employed in signaling and managing multimedia communication sessions. It is used over Internet protocol (IP) networks to provide a huge array of services like voice calls, video calls and instant messaging. The main reason why SIP is preferred is that it is a highly flexible …

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Jan 11

Top 3 Communications Technologies for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur is not just a simple businessman. He is one who sets up a new enterprise without the stability and finances that many businessmen take for granted. He is one who is willing to take the risks that come along with the fulfillment of his vision. However, what separates a successful entrepreneur from the …

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