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May 28

Call Forwarding: What You Need To Know

call forwarding

Right phone calls connecting the right destinations at required time is critical to streamline any business communication. To facilitate such business environment, it is essential to set up the¬†phone system that can handle calls in complex scenarios via call forwarding. And a reliable call forwarding can be availed conveniently with hosted PBX solution. Not talking …

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May 26

Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Mobility Strategy

It is never surprising to see how hard people tussle to establish their startups. As the markets have grown more competitive, the chances of a successful business establishment have dropped drastically. One needs to remain on top of the customer’s need to stay in business. Lacking which many of the established businesses have been facing …

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May 20

6 Reasons Predictive Dialer Makes Sense for your Business

The current customer-centric business models demand faster, first-rate customer service wherever and whenever required. Otherwise, the chances are likely that customer may switch to your competitor. With the sudden rise in comprehensive CRM solutions supported by high-quality communication, it has become possible to do more in less time. One of the critical issues faced by …

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May 18

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Hosted PBX Provider

There are a number of users and enterprises that have reported the cloud to be a bad experience at the beginning. After going through many negative reviews, it has been revealed that many of them point to the downgrade services by the provider. This makes the choice of Hosted PBX provider a very important consideration …

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May 12

Is Cloud-Based Phone System the Right Choice for My Business?

The alliance of technology and innovation has led to the emergence of cloud solutions to run businesses successfully. The expanding tech space has not streamlined many of the existing business processes but has also, created new business opportunities. Large enterprises, SMEs to startups, cloud solutions have been permeating the business space in a variety of …

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May 09

[Infographic] – 5 VoIP Features You Should Never Ignore

VoIP phenomena rapidly penetrating the business world has created new possibilities for enhanced business flexibility and mobility. VoIP solutions cover a range of capabilities that most businesses fail to consider. Beyond options like call waiting, voicemail, call forwarding, toll-free numbers, and remote operation VoIP revolution offers more advanced features which have completely transformed the science …

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