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Aug 28

4 Easy Ways to Build a Paperless Office

In 1978, Frederick Wilfrid Lancaster, an information scientist envisioned a “paperless society”. Thanks to emerging suite of tools that have enabled businesses to realize this vision. The paperless technologies are helping businesses to lighten their workload which not only saves money but also conveys a great message to potential clients and customers. Here are a …

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Aug 25

Solution to Problems Encountered in Internet Faxing

Business communication forms an important facet of any business. Stable and reliable network with the resources, colleagues and clients maintains company’s productivity and efficiency up to the optimum level. Among the business owners one of the most significant and productive communication tools is ‘Fax’. The innovation of ‘Fax’ has turned out to be of great …

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Aug 21

How VoIP Can Make a Difference to Present Education System?

VoIP is one of the most talked about technologies among businesses. It has been widely regarded for its ability to connect long distances for real-time communication. But, its ability to serve the education system is not often discussed. The present education system is trying to overcome several challenges. Among those challenges, geographical distance stands tall. …

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Aug 18

How Hosted PBX Makes Office Relocation Easier?

The growth and advancements in businesses lead to their expansion to the point from where the need for relocation of entire office set up arises. And it’s not that simple. Disconnect, reconnect, redesign, reconfigure, and many other things are involved. It is a grueling undertaking and stressful equally for management as well as employees. But, …

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Aug 14

How Branding Finds Wings With Toll Free Numbers

Branding can be defined as the process involved in earning reputation and recognition in the market for a product. A product with significant branding can easily be sold at a higher price than the competitors. It takes lesser efforts with the marketing, which saves you on the advertising. To make it even better, finding the …

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Aug 11

VoIP Uses for Business: A Leap into the Future

Businesses all over the world have been relying on phones for many reasons. From customer support to employee connectivity to client negotiations, there are millions of business issues being resolved over phone calls. Undoubtedly, to support all these needs business phones have to offer a larger number of features than any ordinary phone for it …

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