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Jul 30

Tracking Marketing ROI: Crack Mysteries with Virtual Numbers

Most of the marketers are aware that for a business to achieve great results, it must have a strong marketing tactics. The job of the marketing team is never a walk in the park. One of the most challenging tasks they have is to justify their worth because Return-on-Investment (ROI) on the marketing is not …

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Jul 24

How VoIP is Changing Social Media Networking?

Sound is accepted as the best form of expressions among humans. The crux of human communication is vocal expression, and telephone is one of the mostly used mean of communication. Today, any kind/ form of transformation in functionality of telephones are watched discreetly. The advancements in telephone and internet have given arrival to VoIP telephony. …

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Jul 20

Empowering Education with Cloud Telephony

The year 2004 marked the onset of rapid transformation and enhancement in VoIP Technology. And now, VoIP services offer benefits much above legacy telephony. Basic equivalences of the services are same but value propositions diverge much beyond the equation. In the recent years, several options to develop VoIP phone system platforms have emerged such as …

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Jul 14

How Unified Communications (UC) Helps Your Business Grow

How Unified Communications (UC) Helps Your Business Grow

Have you noticed that almost all the recent discussions related with communication somehow turns toward Unified Communications? Proven intellects are repeatedly emphasizing the importance of Unified Communications for maximizing the business efficiency. Bigger telecom companies are working to deliver better UC solutions. So, what is driving everyone in the direction of Unified Communications and how …

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Jul 09

Traditional PBX vs Virtual PBX: What Your Business Needs?

Uninterrupted and seamless communication between the employees holds a number of benefits. That is why unified communication has been emphasized so much in the recent times. From instant messaging and video conferencing to document sharing, the unified communications has shaped many new aspects for the businesses. Even with so many changes in trends, the importance …

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Jul 02

How Cloud Telephony can take Real Estate to Soaring Heights?

You got a call from client but missed it. Rather I should say you missed a chance to generate revenue. Dear real estate professional, we understand your frustration. We understand that helping clients to make a best choice for ‘sweet home’ can be a painful experience for a hardworking and diligent person like you. Closing …

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