How Speech Recognition can Help You in Better Customer Service

In recent years, the accuracy and efficiency of speech recognition technology have undergone great advancements and improvements which have enabled call centers to further improve their customer service and experience operations. The machineability to recognize human speech and phrases, which can be then transformed into digital and machine readable format intends to better manage customer […]

SIP Trunking- 6 Advantages Too Good to be True

Just like any other technological investment, companies usually expect the same cost saving and improved efficiency from SIP trunks. But in reality, the advantages of SIP trunking goes well beyond cost reduction and increased efficacy, according to the renowned Sales Specialist, Colm Sunderland, from BT Ireland. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol not only helps reimagine […]

5 Trends Emerging In Contact Center Industry

Driving brand-differentiating customer satisfaction in this increasingly growing competitive business environment can become a highly troublesome task without proper technologies in place. However, undoubtedly, companies can increase their brand loyalty and customer servicing skills with effective implementation of technologies. Managing communication ebbs and flows may give away sleepless nights to contact center owners and hampers […]

Top 5 Toll Free Number Features You Will Love

The one-stop solution that helps to build a strong business foundation, expands business reachability and gives your customers feasibility to contact you from anywhere across the globe is essential for a smart business ecosystem. A smooth communication set up not only helps in maintaining existing clients efficiently but also plays a crucial role in attracting […]