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Jun 28

Using Low Cost VoIP to Amplify Qualified Lead Number

voip amplify business lead

Making a double-glazing sales number can be a daunting task for VoIP business owners. The marketing journey of VoIP business goes through high leaps and bounds. Transitioning customers into prospects involves weighing each marketing effort carefully. It takes the stringent analysis of various leads and filter which lead actually deserves great effort and the ones’ …

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Jun 23

5 VoIP Security Tips for Businesses

Cloud communications have gained larger proportion of the business space. Instant adaption with running workflow, addition/removal of traditional lines, handling thousands of calls every hour, constant connectivity to business from anywhere across the globe are some of the obvious reasons behind growing use of cloud solutions. With zero installation costs, pay as you go, plug …

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Jun 17

Lock Down SIP Trunks With SIP Trunking Checklist

In today’s ultra-competitive market space, shielding company’s critical information from the variety of cyber attacks may seem like an extremely challenging job. Emerging out of Internet space such as Hackers (comprising worms, virus, and Trojan Horses), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attackers, malware can bring down business IT system right to its knees in a …

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Jun 14

How SIP Trunking Can Save your Business Money

If your business handles remote employees and needs a solution that can allow to run business processes anywhere, anytime then one-stop-solution is SIP trunking. An ultimate alternative to complex wiring – SIP trunking builds an all-IP network that allows businesses to replace traditional phone networks with PSTN connectivity which uses online SIP trunking service provider. …

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Jun 10

5 Strategic Tips for Selling VoIP to SMBs

selling voip to smbs

2015 demonstrated a huge impact of VoIP services in the small business world. Constantly diversifying VoIP market will generate revenue worth US$136.76 billion and also reach a subscriber base of almost 348.5 million by 2020. The VoIP service market is driven by growing demand for mobile communication services and technological advancements in the area of …

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Jun 04

How Changing Work Habits is Driving UC Adoption?

In current business space, boosting employees’ efficiency and productivity in work space triggers down to optimization. Employees need the flexibility to collaborate, communicate and organize the way they want. Right tools and applications in place enable workers to focus more efficiently in critical business areas. The applications being talked about are cross-platform apps that keep …

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