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5 Big Live Chat Trends of 2017

Online live chat is an invaluable business tool which has become widely popular and an absolute necessity for online businesses. It offers the customers with an immediate and attentive response or access to help. Quoting a market research called “Making Proactive Chat Work” by Forrester, “Many online consumers want help from a live person while […]

Why Online Businesses Need Toll Free Numbers

An online business differentiates from the traditional brick and mortar business by utilizing electronic means to operate the business rather than leaning on face-to-face transactions with physical documents and physical currency or credit. In today’s digital age, more and more businesses are leveraging the power of the Internet, to not only connect with their customers […]

Five Hidden Costs of On-Premise PBX Systems

The major and the apparent expenditure involved in traditional on premise business phone systems are the hardware – the things one can touch and see, which are the PBX hardware and the phone connected to it. On an average, a conventional PBX system usually costs somewhere around $1000 per employee, which makes it stand out […]

Call Center Best Practices – 5 Things You Should Never Say to Customers

There are many things an agent can say to customers unknowingly or unintentionally that may be perceived as condescending, disrespectful, or impolite. Such conversational nuances instantly destroy customer experience and call center agents should always go above and beyond to avoid these conversational subtleties. According to a customer behavior study, more than 70% of customers […]

How Toll Free Numbers Solve Common Real Estate Problems

The real estate industry has been going strong simply because of the huge demand for accommodation and shelter. But competition within the industry has become very tight as well. Usually, the companies which implement modern strategies and technologies to enhance their business operations, are the ones with the competitive edge. This is where toll-free numbers […]

How To Promote Your Business Toll Free Number

Almost every major business nowadays owns a toll-free number. Simply because of the fact that it helps create a more reliable business image for the customers which makes it an essential marketing tool, especially for business which handles large call volumes. For some businesses, a toll-free number is not only a communication medium but is […]