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Why Cloud Telephony is the Best Way to Power Growing Business

Growing businesses face a lot of challenges from upscaling to resource management in the course to reap growing profits. They have to spend a considerable amount of time to ensure that their customer support infrastructure is optimized to perfection. This would ensure a better quality of customer support. This dependency of the customer support quality […]

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How To Choose Your Business Phone Number

Businesses of all sorts and sizes need to have a business phone number to help their customers get in touch with them easily. Having the right number for your business is considered to somewhat influence potential customers to call in, whereas, having a wrong business phone number can have a detrimental effect on your business […]

5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Business Phone System

Business phone systems are indeed one of the most crucial medium of communication and help creates a link between the customers and their customers. But conventional phone systems have many issues and drawbacks when compared to modern VoIP solutions. In this infographic, we intend to highlight a few merits of upgrading your traditional business phone […]

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VoIP and the Growth of Workplace Mobility

Improving workplace productivity is a guaranteed way to increase business revenue and there are lots of ways to achieve that. Implementing and utilizing cloud hosted VoIP technologies is a sure-fire way to promote workplace mobility, which further helps to improve productivity and performance. Promoting workplace mobility not only helps businesses to enhance communication, both internal […]

What is VoIP and What Is It Used For?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a set of instructions and rules that control the transfer of voice messages in real-time over the internet connection between two or more parties. This technology delivers a phone call like experience without using the traditional telephonic methods. It does not necessarily require traditional […]

Top Collaboration and Communication Predictions For 2017

Every business banks on the communication happening with the customers and to make this productive, the best ideas are those that keep both the parties doing the communication on the same frequency of being understood to each other. If we talk about the coming year of 2017, there are various aspects that will affect the […]

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