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VoIP vs SIP Trunking Comparison: What’s the Difference?

Businesses, of almost every size, over the globe rely heavily on the voice communication solutions. Be it connectivity with clients, vendors, partners, staff or any other involved party, telephonic conversations are usually the most preferred medium. Being instant and widely popular even among masses adds to it advantages. From the traditional phone connectivity, businesses started […]

5 Reasons You should Get An IVR for Your Business

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a robotic voice that speaks with a customer who might be looking for support or might be interested in your business services. The idea is that the IVR should lead the customer to a meaningful solution with the least amount of effort. Now it becomes a responsibility of the […]

How Your Travel Business Can Save Money Using Virtual PBX System

Like several other business industries, travel has its peculiar dependencies on the communication system. Even if the business is a smaller one, a connectivity with client, referral agent, host agency, etc. is a necessity. This necessity grows extensively for large-sized business firms. With the changing technologies shaping the communication for better, travel business also has […]

5 Ways To Benefit Your Business Using VoLTE Technology

VoLTE, which stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution, is a standard for connecting voice calls on data terminals. In the simpler interpretation, VoLTE can be described as the facility that connects voice call using the 4G network and still keeps other internet-based services active. Earlier, when the voice call was established, internet services dropped […]

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How VoIP Makes Your Remote Teams More Productive

Working remotely is slowly becoming the norm in many industries and sectors. It is also being considered as the next big thing in the employment circles. Working remotely brings forth many advantages like more free-time, reduced expenditure on commuting and travel, and the freedom to work from your preferred environment, to name just a few. […]

Things You Should Know about Call Blast Feature

VoIP is a huge thing in the call center industry and brings along with many modern tools, services, and features which offer immense advantages when compared with traditional telephone systems. The ‘Call Blast’ feature is one such VoIP feature which lets users connect to multiple telephones simultaneously and play a pre-recorded message to the receivers. It is a […]