Call Hunting – All You Need to Know

Call hunting, which is also known as ‘Line Hunting’ or ‘Call Routing’ is a tried and tested calling strategy in which a call is connected to multiple telephones, one after the another, sequentially until it is answered by an operator or transferred to voicemail. Basically, for every incoming call, it will connect to multiple operators, […]

SIP Trunking- 6 Advantages Too Good to be True

Just like any other technological investment, companies usually expect the same cost saving and improved efficiency from SIP trunks. But in reality, the advantages of SIP trunking goes well beyond cost reduction and increased efficacy, according to the renowned Sales Specialist, Colm Sunderland, from BT Ireland. SIP or Session Initiation Protocol not only helps reimagine […]

Why Small Businesses are Moving to Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX, aka Virtual PBX or IP-PBX, has been tremendously gaining significance among small and medium businesses. It no longer needs any kind of introduction. With anytime and anywhere access, it has simplified the reachability and accessibility of business services. Cloud-based PBX gives businesses cost-effective and user-friendly solutions that ensure smooth business functioning. The demand […]

Lock Down SIP Trunks With SIP Trunking Checklist

In today’s ultra-competitive market space, shielding company’s critical information from the variety of cyber attacks may seem like an extremely challenging job. Emerging out of Internet space such as Hackers (comprising worms, virus, and Trojan Horses), Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attackers, malware can bring down business IT system right to its knees in a […]

How SIP Trunking Can Save your Business Money

If your business handles remote employees and needs a solution that can allow to run business processes anywhere, anytime then one-stop-solution is SIP trunking. An ultimate alternative to complex wiring – SIP trunking builds an all-IP network that allows businesses to replace traditional phone networks with PSTN connectivity which uses online SIP trunking service provider. […]