PBX VOIP Is Becoming a Communication Priority but what’s the Success Rate?

Telecommunication world is filled with various ups and downs in the interaction pathway and the present tool for effective communication seems to be Hosted PBX VOIP. Though the business enterprises comprise of more than seven-tenth SMBs and most of them are using the internet based pathway to communication, yet there is a considerable part that is stuck with the traditional business phone systems for communication. The major reasons for the switch include:

  • The features of the traditional telephony are outdated now as they lack the entire functionality that the modernized approach to communication involves
  • The calling costs to national and international destinations are quite high
  • The circuit-switched telephony requires the use of telephone wires that connect the destinations in different parts of the world

The use of Hosted PBX services is a major advancement in the field of telecommunication and involves benefits such as scalability, mobility and cost-effectiveness. These benefits count as add-ons to the existing features that this hosted channel provides at an impressive rate. The migration to IT driven communication is a wise step towards globalization and business development. The enhanced features and calling functions help the SMBs establish a firm foothold in the market and gain better business connections through this communication interface that is set up and managed at a remote location.

Hosted PBX systems integrated with VOIP contribute their share to a major part of communication infrastructure. Almost 55% of the small and medium business enterprises consider IP telephony as an enhanced pathway to communication and have implemented the channel. The usual problems that these implementations face are the ones of routes like distortion and one way calling, etc. Out of these implementations, almost 80% are satisfied with the VOIP services that they are using.

The Real PBX is one of the most prominent business players in the field of Hosted PBX VOIP delivery. We support a vast range of clients from every corner of the world. We ensure the delivery of seamless and secure services for business interaction. We engage a team of experts who can setup solutions that cuts the costs involved with the system to quite an extent. The routes that we offer to our customers constitute high quality with high ACD and ASR. So, if you are looking for a reliable VOIP partner, try us and we believe the services will be worth the price paid for it.

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