4 Signs That Imply It’s Time to Switch Your Toll Free Number Provider


An efficient and productive phone system is absolutely necessary for businesses which deal with large incoming as well as outgoing call volumes. We all know that the corporate industry of today moves at a tremendous pace and businesses which lack an agile and versatile communication system is sure to get sidelined. Keeping all the necessary communication channels up and running ensures quick and open communication among employees, customers, clients, business partners, and all other stakeholders.

With that being said, many businesses are unfortunately stuck with unprofessional toll-free number providers. But fret not, as such incidents are very few and there are many responsible and professional service providers out there, offering services, which fits your business operations and structure needs like a glove. But if you experience or observe the following conditions, then it’s definitely in the best interest of your business to seek a better alternative.

1. Lack of Features or Charging for Free Features

There are toll-free number providers out there who try and milk unnecessary cash out of their client’s pockets. If your service provider is charging you for free features and additionally charges extra for such free features, then that’s no good. Compare the services and the complimentary features of your current service provider with those of other service providers. This will give you a crucial insight on all the free features of toll-free numbers that you’re missing out on or be paying extra and unnecessary money.

2. Lack of Customer Service

Disregarding the specialist expertise of toll-free number providers, they still have to follow all the best practices and basic policies of any other service based business. Lack of proper customer service is a deal-breaker, in any industry, and the same goes for toll-free service providers. If your current toll-free number service provider is consistently offering bad or negligent service, then there’s a good chance that it will stay the same. Look for better options elsewhere, specifically, service providers who have been awarded or are renowned for their customer service.

3. Poor Communication

Normally any business or organization with poor communication is bound to perform on a lower scale and standard. Poor communication is one of the most common, if not the most common issues, plaguing the industry nowadays. If you as a client are not regularly updated of upcoming bills, scheduled updates and maintenance tasks, then it creates a ripple effect of issues for your business.

However, the blame can go around as well. If you as a client are not informing your toll-free service provider about changes in your business strategies or operations, the consequential problems may even cripple your entire toll-free number system.

If you believe or feel that your current toll-free number provider is not communicating well with your business needs and are unable to keep proper business communication channels active, then your best course of action would be to seek the services and expertise of another toll-free number service provider.

4. Unpredictable & Surprising Bills

In the past, there have been cases where clients had been falsely billed for services employed. This has raised serious questions regarding the credibility and reliability of toll-free number providers. It is considered to be among the best practices of toll-free number providers to provide their clients with transparent and valid bills. But if you as the business owner can ascertain that your service provider is providing you with unpredictable and surprising bills against the actual services rendered, then you can ask more specific billing details clarifying each and every cost.

If your toll-free number service provider is unable or unwilling to provide transparent and valid bills, then it’s best to move on to more reliable and professional service providers.

Toll-free number providers nowadays are very strict in their operations and adhere to all industry norms and policies. They have put in place many packages and other business structures to make them more attractive to potential clients, along with creating and increasing their credibility and reliability. But as a business owner, if you ever discover that your current toll-free service provider is not keeping their end of the bargain or are acting unprofessionally, then its in the best interest of your business to explore more reliable and renowned service providers.

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