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Business VoIP

Business PBX phone system is an arrangement of private telephonic network usually within a single organization. It solves a number of issues for the business. Not only it assists in communication between different employees of the company, but the external calls from customers (or partners, etc.) to connect with the requisite department just by pressing a simple extension number with the help of appropriate switching and routing setup.

But all these ease requires a strong work behind the curtains. A connectivity of number of cables (that needs to be protected from being eaten by rats), a server room to manage the connectivity of calls (that requires cooling system to prevent heat ups), an IT team (that stays active to install new extensions along with controlling the server load and crashes) etc. are some these basics that needs to be corrected for proper establishment of Business PBX. All in all, PBX serves a good job but takes a good setup and maintenance cost along with a fixed salary of IT experts to manage the PBX operations.

Meet Hosted PBX VoIP for Business

Let’s meet The Real PBX- that cuts the hard work from the above mentioned scene and delivers everything that traditional PBX can hope for and a lot more than that.

The Real PBX delivers a powerful PBX that is hosted over internet. This means that you:

  • Do not require the intertwining of number of cables in your office location
  • Do not require a dedicated physical server room in your office location
  • Do not require you to hire a bunch of IT experts for setup and maintenance

How Hosted PBX VoIP for Business Works?

The connections for voice and multimedia sharing are set up on Internet Protocol. All the setup, storage, and connections are maintained are provided over internet. So, the devices with internet adaptability and authenticity can connect on this Hosted PBX for outgoing and incoming calls. Private Branch Exchange remains completely similar to the traditional one, but replaced by a virtual server that is not physically located in the office.

This virtual server is software-based and The Real PBX has empowered with its skills to deliver a lot more than voice connections. With our business PBX, you get special features, like-

  • Connect Mobile Devices on Network
  • Connect Different Branches on Same Network
  • Remote User Integration
  • Advanced Automatic Call Distribution
  • Call Voice Tagging
  • Multiple Softphone Options to Choose from
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Internet Fax

And lots more…

With the privacy and security turning into the biggest concern for businesses, our Business PBX solutions will not let you down on anything. Our cloud services are rated among the bests in world. We adopt well-tested and trusted encryptions techniques to host your connections on the cloud and at the same time we maintain the optimum level of the connection quality. We offer amazingly customizable setup that lets you modify the network priorities at your will. In case you need any support; be it the addition of new extension or customization of existing ones, our support engineers will be available 24x7.