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Business Phone Systems

Add a professional Dimension with business phone

There are a lot of things which are carried in the company which rely a lot on the faithfulness of the communication channels. Phones are one aspect of the company without which any company cannot expect to sail through even for a single day. Though there are so many other modes of communication like fax, e-mail etc. but nothing has been good enough to replace the real time conversation which is only possible through the telecommunication.

Business Phones help add a professional edge to the user which can enhance the image of the company and the market value manifolds. Small and medium enterprises always have stringent resource management issues. Large firms have always spent lavishly on maintaining the quality but companies with limited budget cannot go out of their pocket just to restore a single quality aspect, these enterprises have to manage so much extra within the same restricted module.

Your business phone system can function over the cloud

The introduction of the Hosted services has caused phenomenal changes in the business sector. This technology has tremendously helped the SMBs and made them capable of competing with the larger firms. One such boon of the cloud technology is Hosted PBX. PBX is not a new term for the business circuit but it used to be restricted only to the big firms as it required space for the hardware and high investment cost, but this PBX system always made the call management swift for the company. It remained a distant dream For the SMBs until Hosted PBX system or Business Phone system was introduced.

Business Phone Systems with TheRealPBX offers these advantages

The birth of the new technology has made sure that it enables its users with the advanced calling features and help in enhancing the customer response. The various advantages of the new VOIP based Business Phones are as follows:

  • Free calling among the extensions:  a company spends a lot of amount in facilitating communication amongst its employees all that money can be saved by opting for Business Phones.  Moreover the extensions do not have to be in the same state or country for that matter, you can make free calls if your office is in USA and you want to make calls to another office in UK.
  • Better call Quality:  as Hosted PBX systems use VOIP technology the call quality is assured. VOIP has a QoS (Quality of service) feature that gives priority to the Voice over Data.
  • Easy software upgrades: The software upgrade is very easy; you do not have to consult a professional every time you want to make the changes. The changes are as simple that they can be even implemented by you.
  • Mobility: The advanced calling features like find me, follow me make sure that you never miss your calls even though you might not be present in the office, you can still receive calls and hence Hosted PBX services ensure mobility of its users.

Explore The Real PBX way of communication

The Real PBX has a name in delivering cutting-edge communication solutions to business organizations all over the world. Our Hosted PBX services are backed with highly qualified professionals that are capable of delivering round the clock technical support to resolve any issues that our clients face. Partner us in the contemporary communication race and see what benefits we have in store for you.