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Chances are likely your customer engagement may increase manifold when your agents have entire list of potential customers available right at their fingertips within seconds. Outbound calling service offers you an all-in-one intelligent call making platform in the cloud to test unknown markets, do product/service promotion, send follow-up emails, lower down the overall time spent dialing and to develop good customer relationships which ensures that your target audience produces double-glazing sales number. Start handling more in less time with The Real PBX lead generating cloud hosted outbound call center solutions.

outbound call center

Outbound Call Center Features

  • Schedule Call Back

    Enhance your customer loyalty and customer retention rate by using automated call back system and enhance the call handling capabilities.

  • Load Balancing

    Each one of your customer will get desired response with a sophisticated dynamic load balancing technique that instantly routes the call to available agent in time.

  • Predictive Dialing

    Use our intelligent call mechanism of hosted predictive dialers that learns from experience and maximizes your marketing campaign yields.

  • Automatic Script Fill-up

    Using smart predictive dialing features, the required script gets delivered to the right customer automatically. So, you can build up an efficient lost call management system.

  • Answering Machine Detection (AMD)

    We will help you enhance the AMD accuracy by providing an ideal way to set up and install answering machine detection feature.

  • Internal DNC

    Our internal DNC service is built in compliance with relevant all do not call laws. You can search, remove and add multiple lists to a single campaign in real-time.

  • Robo-Calling

    Pre-recorded message can be send to business’ opt-in customer lists with robo-calling. This improves productivity and reduces the time spent in dialing.

  • Dynamic Caller ID

    Customize the calling pattern by setting multiple caller IDs (a numeric code) per campaign and enhance the customer service experience.

What Makes The Real PBX Your Best Choice

  • Optimum quality VoIP solutions with 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Hassle-free solutions with zero maintenance and setup costs
  • Realtime monitoring of complete call center – anytime, anywhere
  • Solutions compatible with third-party software
  • Plans available for unlimited agents and dialing minutes
outbound call center
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