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Welcome the Revolution with call queue

Helps your customers to reach you

Hosted PBX system has bought a wave of change in the field of telephony which has resulted in revolutionary transformation. PBX over cloud is a feature rich technology which offers plethora of options to its users. Companies already using the services of hosted PBX are experiencing the change. One of many advantageous features of PBX services is Call Queuing. It is an enhancement to the pre existing phone systems, in which it was difficult to manage the incoming calls.

Arm your systems and never miss a call

Hosted PBX systems are designed to lower the rates of missed calls. It is very crucial for a business organization to have an efficient call managenement system in order to have seamless communication. You might lose essential deals if you miss out important business calls. No one likes to wait in such a fast paced scenario where everything is just a click away; therefore you cannot expect your clients to be patient enough. How do you save yourself from such a situation? Well there is a solution to this problem and that is called call queuing.

Call queue is a modern fast pass

Remember Disneyland’s Fast pass? In order to control the rush, they introduced fast passes so that visitors can take a particular ride at a given time. Call queuing is the similar process. The caller can get irritated if he is kept on hold without any intimation how long he might actually have to wait before he can talk to the agent. The process of call queuing is an attempt to overcome this situation by giving the caller more options to choose from. While the caller wait, the periodic announcements of call queue keeps him updated about his status information like when he can talk to the next available agent.

Advantages of Call Queuing

  • Empowers the callers with varied options: you can make a difference in your customer’s calling experiencing by putting forth more options for them. Usually when a customer calls in for service assistance, he is already having questions about your product in mind. By making him wait for unreasonable amount of time might aggravate his frustration.
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction rate: Call queuing is one of the core features of Hosted PBX systems. It is used to efficiently distribute the inbound calls and minimize the hold time for callers. The caller can also leave his name and number and exit the queue.
  • Monetary gains: less wait time would result in lesser number of frustrated callers. This means that you can actually retain your customers and they might even compliment your services which can help in generating potential clients.

The Real PBX offers this valuable integrated with our Hosted PBX systems. Our PBX services include the facility of call queuing with most enhanced functionalities. We understand the importance of good service and that is what we intend to provide.