Virtual PBX system intends to simplify and accelerate the connectivity between the employees of your business. ‘Dial by Name’ and ‘Dial by Extension’ are two features of Business Phone service by The Real PBX, which assure that calling between the employees really fast. Available with various customization options for the choice of dialing, these features can dial to the desired party without much of effort and that too in lesser time than the usual phone dialing.

1. Dial by Name

Dial by Name feature calls by identifying the name of the desired party. User can user the keypad touchtone to use this feature or simply speak the name to make the call. The feature can identify the number to be dialed by ‘first name’ or ‘first three letters of the first name’ of the contacts. This feature requires the desired party to be saved in the contacts.

2. Dial by Extension

Dial by Extension allows the caller to dial simply the extension of the desired party, instead of complete number to connect with them. The extensions for the different employees or departments of the business can be set up and edited by the admin of the network.