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Hosted PBX calling feature dial by name/ dial by extension:

For business phone dial by name and dial by extension are convenient features which allow them to connect to a desired party easily and with the virtual pbx system it becomes very simplified.

Dial by name- For dial by name, the caller has to enter or speak the first letter or first three letters of that person's name whom he wishes to call. After confirming that this is the right destination the call is forwarded to that number.

Dial by extension- For dialing by extension, the caller has to enter the extension of the person whom he wishes to contact. Like, if the user wishes to call a person who has an extension 5637, then he has to enter 5637 and his call will be directed to that extension.

Business Hosted PBX:

The Real PBX "dial by name/extension" are popular features to simplify communication between employees at lowest prices in its virtual PBX environment. Our automated system makes the connection after confirming the appropriate destination.