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Remarkable Hosted PBX Feature

Direct Inward Dialing (DID):

DID also known as DDI i.e. direct dial in. It is one of the amazing features being provided by Hosted PBX.   The Real PBX’s DID feature for the Hosted PBX Systems is a smart tool for small businesses. Direct Inward Dialing provides trunk lines to the users and directs calls over them to varied range of telephone numbers. The incoming calls are forwarded to all these numbers. It eliminated the need of a live receptionist to route the calls to their exact destinations. Just by dialing the last 4 digits the call can be routed to a particular extension.  Basically, a single phone line is allocated to a range of numbers. It saves the expense of having a separate phone line for each number. With a different line associated for a particular group of numbers like support and sales, the incoming call flow can be segregated and managed in an efficient manner. It also saves the need to hire a receptionist as it already has an auto receptionist installed. In short DID can be visualized as a local exchange which provides a range of numbers which can be used for calling into company’s own PBX system.

Satisfied Customers for a greater conversation rate:

The Small Business PBX’s DID feature strives to save you from the expense involved in having a different phone line for individual number. There is a voice mail associated with each extension, so that in case of if a call is unanswered, the caller can leave a desired message that you can be retrieved later on. The Hosted PBX System can be customized to define the specific set of numbers associated with each line and then route the incoming calls accordingly. With the Direct Inward Dialing your customer satisfaction level will definitely increase manifold. Your clients will get the impression of calling an individual not a company. This feature can help enhance the client interaction significantly. Hence the real PBX can help you to build even stronger company client relation.

Hosted PBX VOIP System with a range of unbeatable features

Real PBX with unbelievable assortment:

With The Real PBX’s Hosted PBX Services, you can experience a varied range of attractive and latest calling features for improved business communication. There is a wide spectrum of traits like

  • unified communication,
  • call park, call hunt,
  • voicemail,
  • ACD (automatic call Distribution),
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response),
  • DND (Do Not Disturb),
  • Virtual Receptionist,
  • Last call return and repeat dialing.

The cell number portability relieves you from worrying about changing your numbers if you change your location. You will be able to hear from your client even though you might be miles away. With our Hosted PBX Services wherever you go, you take your number with you. We provide unlimited technical support 24X7 without any extra charge along with zero downtime, regular data monitoring and disaster recovery plans. All this and more at really affordable prices, sign up for a Hosted PBX plan today. We at Real PBX believe in developing a better tomorrow and that can be possible if we bring everyone at par. The world is awaiting and is ready for change and hence no matter how small the organization is we intend to provide high class facilities so that there is no stopping to the dreams. We through our services want to inculcate that what matters is a big idea not a big backing. WE support the ‘us’ not ‘me’ as together we stand stronger. Therefore we intend to provide SMBs valuable services at really affordable price. Hosted PBX Services can be a solution to many of your problems.