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Computerized telephone system with 'The Real PBX':

Through a centralized management and control system hosted PBX allows the users to carry their own moves and can have changes from a web browser. Users can access new fully hosted VoIP service with The Real PBX that swaps the on-premise phone system and the need of numerous vendors for some popular applications like voice mail, conferencing, and combined messaging.

Some terrific lineaments of The Real PBX:-

The Real PBX is a technically sophisticated communication system that offers certain remarkable features and paybacks such as:

Call waiting Voicemail Transcription
3 Ways Calling Repeat Dialing
Call Forwarding Dialing option by Name / Extensions
Play tailored messages to patrons Automated Call allocation system
Several virtual extensions with auto-reception system Forward calls to Voicemail

Hosted PBX Unified Messaging is quite different from voicemail as Standard voice mail comes with hosted feature and is accessed vocally via phones whereas Hosted PBX Unified Messaging let anybody to access voice messages and forward via e-mails.
Hosted PBX let users to hear the voice messages on the PC via outlook voice access. The Real PBX has redundant network servers and excellent transmission arrangements. Highly redundant servers will never let the hosted PBX system down, as we have two switching centers, if one stops working for sometimes, the other one will take care of the hosted PBX system. Our multiple approaches for delivering PBX software can utilize a Network Address Translation (NAT) protocol for a firewall protected network. NAT allows operating voice calls to a particular IP address via a firewall network. “Voicemail-to-Email” feature sends each voicemail message as an e-mail to the e-mail address specified by the user.