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Forward your calls to the right place with Call Forwarding

Redirect calls so that you never miss out

Call forwarding is a popular feature which allows the users to forward the incoming calls to another number if the user is unavailable or busy. The Real PBX hosted system’s "call forwarding" feature allows you to direct all incoming calls to a desired destination if the user is not reachable or if there is no reply, or if the user does not wish to receive the call. At any time if the called party is unavailable the calls are routed to another number. It may be your cell phone, your landline or any other number where you wish to be reached. The call forwarding ensures that you are never away for any business client.

How can this feature help me in my business?

The call forwarding feature was developed by Ernest J. Bonanno in order to facilitate the calling procedure so that if a person is unable to pick the phone then the call can be directed or rerouted to another phone so that the call can be answered. This feature when added to an official business interaction system like Hosted PBX services can work wonders for its users. You can direct calls to the concerned department, or if you are unable to answer the call someone else on your behalf can take the call. These things will help you make your business communication more reliable and swift.

Advantages of Call Forwarding

Convenience: It makes handling multiple incoming calls easy. For instance if you are already engaged in an important work you can forward the call to another work station. In this way the call will be answered and you would also be able to focus on your work.

Constant phone monitoring: For small and medium size enterprises it is important to keep a constant check on the calls in order to develop and maintain the quality of the firm. With the help of this service you can stay in direct contact with your clients which can help you establish a reputable image.

Increase your availability: The caller will not have to remember different numbers and their extensions for different departments. This helps your customers as they just have to remember a single contact number and they are sorted.

The Real PBX provides call forwarding feature at no additional cost. You can also forward calls to your virtual phone number so that you never miss an important call, irrespective of where you go. Calls can also be routed to voicemail in case there is no reply, so that the caller can leave a suitable message that can be retrieved later. For employers and employees who travel a lot, The Real PBX "call forwarding" is a wonderful feature to receive all business calls anytime, anywhere at relative ease.