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Call Pickup Feature with Hosted PBX

Many times in business organizations there are employees who need to juggle between multiple desks to handle incoming calls after office hours when all other employees have left. For an after hour employee, the usual call flow is not much, but it can be quite frustrating and tiresome to rush from one corner to the other for each call that arrives. This is exactly where a call pickup feature comes handy. The Hosted PBX call pickup feature allows a user to answer an incoming call to a particular extension from another extension.

How group call pickup works?

At The Real PBX, our Hosted PBX VOIP systems are equipped with enhanced call handling features such as ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response). These advanced features are configured to direct incoming calls according to pre-defined menu. Specific call pickup groups can be assigned to a set of numbers that belong to a particular department. For instance, you can have a call pickup group for your sales department.

When a call arrives, what happens is that all the phones (extensions) that belong to the sales group will have the option to answer that call. If you notice that your colleague’s phone is ringing while he is busy upstairs in some meeting, you can answer that call from your desk without the need of walking to his desk to pick up the incoming call. You can dial the pickup number to see if the call is meant for your extension group. Only if the call is in your extension group then you will be able to answer that call from your extension. Otherwise the call will not be transferred to you. Thus, it prevents chaos as to which call is meant for which group.

Easier call management and improved communication 

Using the Small Business PBX call pickup feature can greatly aid your business communication making it easier for employees to respond to incoming calls in a timely manner. If in case an employee’s phone is ideal a call coming to another extension which is busy can be transferred to him. This pro-active approach will greatly help in utilizing your business time and money as well as those of the callers. Not only this, the Hosted PBX Services offered by The Real PBX empower your business communication with an easy to manage business phone system and state of the art features such as call transfer, call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, voicemail, call hunt, call park, DID, do not disturb, click to call, call blast, call blocking, customized music on hold, professional greetings, Unified Communications and many more at competitive prices.