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Home Phone is adopting the cloud way to stay connected

Home Phone for your small business

The Real PBX has attractive prices and plans for its Hosted PBX Services that are tailor made to suit your business needs. If you run a home based business then we have Home Phone just for you. Our PBX for home based or residential business requires no additional hardware. You can integrate your existing phone network with our Small Business PBX easily. In case you use analog phones, with ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) you can plug your old phones to our system and start enjoying the benefits of an enterprise class business phone system at a price you can afford.

How Home Phone Service Works

The Hosted PBX System uses VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to transfer voice over the internet. This business phone system works by converting analog speech signals into digital data packets that are transferred over a reliable broadband network and converted back into original voice signal at the other end. The transmission of voice over the internet makes the system highly affordable by cutting charges for long distance calling.

You can also make calls using your soft phone with the help of a microphone. The voice quality is as good as any traditional PBX phone system so that your callers won’t even know the difference. Our dependable Hosted PBX for your home business delivers quality voice to make a big impression on your callers. You can choose a desired area code for your number that lets you make local calls to that region and cuts down telephony bills greatly. In addition to providing enterprise class services, you get round the clock accessibility so that you can view your voicemail and faxes online through unified messaging.

Benefits of using home phone for business

  • Liberty to use your existing number with the new phone system
  • Proper management of calls even when you are far off
  • Wide range of features to suit your business needs
  • Cost savings through a variety of customized plans for calling

Why go for The Real PBX?

The Real PBX’s Home Phone Service is available at monthly pricing plans where you can get the features you need. Enjoy the best business communication with our Hosted PBX services such as Professional Greetings, Voicemail to fax mail, Call transfer, Call hold, Call Park and unlimited calling and faxing. All our services are backed with 24X7X365 tech support without any additional charge. We use the best online security measures to ensure the highest level of data security, with a guaranteed uptime of 99.999% or more.
Go for a free trail and see for yourself how our Virtual Office can transform the way your business communicates. Sign up today!