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Call Blast is a powerful feature that allows you to contact thousands of customers in just a fraction of the time. A pre-recorded message is broadcasted to thousands of people instantaneously in bulk. All you have to do is specify what is the message you want to be broadcasted, to which numbers it should be sent and when.


Using Hosted PBX Call Blast:

Firstly you need to record a message that is to be sent to a large number of contacts. After you have recorded the message, you identify the numbers in the Call Blast Campaign where the message has to be broadcasted. Once you decide the time for the Call Blast our system calls all those numbers and leaves the recorded message. You can also check to see how many live people received your message, how many were delivered to voicemails and how many failed to deliver (if any), by clicking on the “Call Results” Panel.

It is an effective method to inform your clients of any important plan or changes that they should know. With our Hosted PBX VOIP system while updating your clients with the latest information or any changes in the prices you don’t need to waste hours of calling to deliver the same message again and again.

Benefits of Small Business PBX:

The Call Blast feature available with our Small Business PBX services can be successfully deployed for: With The Real PBX’s Hosted PBX VOIP, you get attractive business class features like ACD, IVR, Do Not Disturb, Call Park, Call Hunt, Voicemail, Visual Call Reports, Simultaneous Ringing, Repeat Dial, Unified Communication, Call Conferencing and Virtual Receptionist. These features enhance your business image and leave a lasting impression on your clients as a Fortune professional corporate.

  • Emergency Alerts
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Surveys and Polling Campaigns
  • Event Notification
  • Increased or Lowered Prices
  • Advertising
  • Reminders and Notifications
  • .. and many more!

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