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Call Blocking with Hosted PBX Systems:

The Call Blocking feature blocks incoming calls from unknown numbers or specific numbers. The Real PBX’s Hosted PBX Systems allow you to block incoming calls from ringing any of your PBX number.  With any Hosted PBX plan we offer call blocking feature to save your precious time in answering or rejecting unwanted calls. When you block a particular number the caller will be presented with a series of options that you can choose to assign for particular calls. These include:

  • Directing the call to voicemail
  • Sound a busy signal
  • A recording saying the number does not exist
  • Keep ringing always

How Call Blocking Works with Small Business PBX:

The Real PBX’s Call Blocking feature is available with all our Hosted PBX small business plans. How this feature works is very simple. Each phone number is unique. Whenever a call arrives from a particular number that you do not wish to receive, then by identifying the number using caller ID, the call will be blocked and the caller will be presented with any of the above mentioned options as you decide. At any time you can add any number to the Call Block List or remove the already existing numbers if you wish to continue receiving calls from any number. Calls coming from anywhere in the world can be blocked easily to make your business calling experience with The Real PBX a wonderful one.

Hosted PBX VOIP Enterprise Class Features:

With The Real PBX business communication is a worthwhile experience that helps in achieving your business goals with a range of innovative features available at attractive prices. All our Hosted PBX plans include unbeatable features which are a must have for your business such as Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Fax, Call Blast, Call Park, Do Not Disturb, Direct Inward Dialing, Automatic Call Distribution, Virtual Offices, Toll free and local numbers, Unified Communication, Dial by name/extension and many more. Whatever be your business needs, at The Real PBX we offer the best quality and reliable services that will help in writing your success story.
You can sign up with any of our Hosted PBX VOIP business phone plans and start benefiting with these technologically advanced services. Get a free trial today!