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Answer all your calls with the help of Call Hunting

A feature with unmatched benefits

The Real PBX gets your clients calling with its Call Hunt Feature. It converts your phone into a sophisticated telecommunication tool. You can set up multiple ring-to numbers for your local or toll free numbers. Now every time a caller calls your number and you are unable to attend the call, our Hosted PBX Call Hunting Feature will ring the next 5 lines in sequence until the call is answered. In case the call remains unanswered by a live person, does not mean you will miss the call. It will go to your voicemail or to that person’s voicemail that you have assigned.

How Call Hunt Works:

You decide the numbers where you want to be reached and in which order the phones should ring, as well as the number of rings for each phone. In case a caller is busy, the incoming call is transferred to the next number in sequence and will ring for a specific number of rings as decided by you and if remains unattended will be sent to the voicemail. In case you decide to route the call to a co-worker’s voicemail, it will not affect the service in case a call reaches him directly. In such a way the calls will be answered and you will not miss out an important call just because you were not able to answer. This ensures business development and as well it builds up the reliability of the customers. Clients in any way would not have to struggle in order to get heard, moreover most of the time their calls would be answered.

Call Hunt Benefits with Small Business PBX:

Our Hosted PBX VOIP service offers tremendous benefits for you to avail from and make your business communication more effective. The Call Hunt feature is fully customizable; you can make changes as per your own requirement. You can direct the call to a virtual receptionist or play a professional greeting anytime.


  • You can take the complete charge of all your inbound calls
  • You can use a single number and associate it with hunt groups
  • You can customize the settings like the individuals to be included in the hunt group, number of rings etc according to your own satisfaction
  • People who have to travel a lot can take help of this feature and can answer calls at their own disposal

With The Real PBX’s Virtual PBX you get amazing features like Unified Communication, Voicemail, Automated Attendant, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Call Return, Do Not Disturb and many more. With our unique Call Hunting you will never miss another call ever again!