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Call Park with Hosted PBX

Let your clients know that they are important

The Real PBX provides amazing calling features with its Hosted PBX Services. One such feature is the Call Park. Call Parking allows a caller to put a call on hold for certain duration and then retrieve the call from another phone. Suppose a call comes for the sales department and the concerned sales person is outside the office for a reason. You don’t have to answer the call and say “please call after sometime”, or let the call go to voicemail instead. Instead the call can be parked for a pre-defined duration and meanwhile the concerned person could be notified about the incoming call.

Utilize time with Small Business PBX

The Call Parking is a great must have for business enterprises as it saves your precious time and impresses your callers by having them speak with a live person every time they call, instead of hearing a busy signal or voicemail message. It relieves pressure from employees as their counterparts can also answer calls in times of heavy call flow. In case you are not present at your desk or you are in the car parking doesn’t mean you will miss a call meant for you. With the Hosted PBX VOIP Call Park feature the answerer of that call can direct that call to your cell phone and by pressing a sequence of digits and you can continue the conversation from your phone. This feature gives you flexibility and capability to do business on the move. Call park offers two main advantages, one that it imparts mobility and two that it increases the productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Better Business Communication with Hosted PBX VOIP

The call parking features boosts your business productivity enormously as by parking a call to be picked up from another extension the user is free to make and receive other calls. The hosted PBX system’s call parking feature offers unmatched flexibility to employees and is a sure shot method for increasing caller retention. So in case you have to go to a different office floor to retrieve a particular file your boss wants, you don’t have to put your caller on hold. Simply, park the call and then continue it from the other office when you reach there.

The Real PBX provides a lot of call managing features like Call Hunt, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Call Conferencing, Voicemail, Virtual Receptionist, Music on Hold and Call Waiting. There are many digital calling features as well to project you as a Fortune 500 corporate such as ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), IVR (Interactive Voice response), Fax, email, voicemail and Unified Communication. All these features are available at really affordable prices.