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Let your customers know that their calls are important

Let no call be a “missed call” with Call Return

How many times have you missed out an important business call just because you were busy handling a pile of documents or you were down on the street to have a doughnut? There are many such instances in your day-to-day life. Have you ever thought that the calls that you miss out could be potential business opportunities? The productivity that your communication channel delivers can be enhanced if you get a chance to return the missed calls. Hosted PBX call return feature ensures that even though you miss out a business call, you never miss out a chance to enhance your business profitability.

Make every call productive with Hosted PBX systems

When you are not on your desk to attend a call specifically meant for you or you are holding an important business conversation with your boss on phone, you might miss out some important call. You realize that every business call counts. You must be wondering about getting this potential business opportunity back but the question is “How?” Hosted PBX systems provide an answer to this question. With Virtual PBX, just dial *69 to find out whose call you have missed. Press 1 to call back. If the dialed person rings busy, the system keeps on calling him back until he receives the call, continuously for 30 minutes. So, if you are already engaged in an important conversation, you can ignore an incoming call and return it at a later point of time.

Benefits of Call Return feature

  • Your chances of losing a business opportunity with a missed call reduce
  • You get a convenient interface to know who called when you were not on your desk
  • When you call back, it makes your customers feel that they are important
  • Even when your call is on wait, this feature maintains a log of the calls that you have missed out
  • Improve customer satisfaction by returning their calls
  • Better employee productivity through effective management of business calls
  • An easy code needs to be dialed and you get the details of the missed call

The Real PBX is a leading IT firm that deals in providing glaring communication solutions to business firms of all sizes. Our team comprises technical experts who strive to deliver outstanding functionality with Hosted PBX services. We provide Virtual PBX equipped with all the latest calling features that include call waiting, call hold, call parking, Interactive Voice Response, call Queue, ACD and many more. We shoulder the responsibility of filling up the communication gaps in your existing communication channel and promise to deliver a smooth flow of communication. Our PBX system with its advanced calling features projects your business as a Fortune 500.