Telephone calls have made our lives simpler and hassle-free. But there are some moments when the same phone service turns into a disturbance and blockage in productivity. In those moments, users want to stay away from the phone, but hardly find any escape. Do Not Disturb is a feature available with the Hosted PBX service of The Real PBX that allows the users to disable the incoming call on their extension. With this feature, no any call will be able to reach the extension and the user can concentrate on the other tasks without telephonic disturbances. The calls received during the “Do Not Disturb” period can either be sent to the voicemail or to other extensions.

There are many occasions in which you do not want to be disturbed by any call. Such occasion could be a serious business meeting, or you are handling a task that needs to be delivered in a short period of time, or when you are having a fun time with family, anything similar where a call is more of a disturbance than a utility. It would be troublesome you pick up the call and tell the caller to call back later. And it does not seem to be doing any good to your business. Even when you leave your extension for a break or call it a day, the Do Not Disturb feature makes sure that your phone extension will not be buzzing over and over again in your absence.