Hosted IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a technology that will take your PBX experience to whole new level. With the help of Interactive Voice Response, the PBX can access the database using the authentic methods to serve the callers. Interactive Voice Response is rated as one of the smartest technologies available in the Private Branch Exchange services. This service can serve your employees connected on the PBX and the callers from outside the PBX network.


It can be used to enable your customers to know their certain details, such as- specific extension number in the network, branch address, their own outstanding billing amount, etc. On the other hand the Interactive Voice Response can be used by the employees who own a certain extensions for details that belong to them, like- their call usage, text usage, extension number of colleagues, etc.

Secure Access to Database

The Interactive Voice Response service gains the access to the database to convey the certain information to the callers. Since, this database could be very crucial, such as- payment details, Social Security number, billing details, etc. it is important to keep the security of details optimum. Hosted PBX service of The Real PBX is powered by flawless touch-tune and voice recognition technology to secure your database for IVR. This makes sure that only a valid user will be able to reach the database to know the details for themselves only and rest of the database will remain inaccessible to them.

As the owner of PBX, you can easily customize the security setup and connectivity of PBX with the database. You do not require any special setup to install for it. IVR service is available within the softphone installation. To customize and enable the IVR for your caller, you simply need minor changes in the setting.

For the best customer services experience we offer 24×7 dedicated technical support via email, chat and phone. For any assistance in with IVR setup or customization, you can reach us at any moment.

Benefits of IVR

  • Sometimes, we have to share some information with the customers that you do not want to be shared with the operators, such as- Telephonic Identity PIN. IVR is a very secure medium for sharing such crucial information with the customer.
  • Since the IVR feature operates without human actions, it helps your work with minimum manpower.
  • IVR calls are recorded on the cloud even for the caller’s input. The access for the recordings can be authorized by the admin of the Hosted PBX. The recordings can come in use for different reasons.
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