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Interact more efficiently with your clients with IVR

Interactive Voice Response with Hosted PBX

IVR is a wonderful telecommunication feature provided by The Real PBX for its Hosted PBX Systems. IVR allows your customers to reach your database via a touch-tone phone or voice recognition. This process automates customer interaction without any human intervention. It is a great feature to reduce the cost of various call based inquiries, such as sales, service and support. IVR detects inputs in the form of voice and touch-tones and further responds to the callers with a pre-defined menu that guides them how to proceed. This eliminates the need of hiring an employee and it saves extra cost.

Sound large with our Small Business PBX:

The IVR breaks down the process into a series of simple menu options which can handle large volumes of incoming calls, without the need of live operator assistance. Our Hosted PBX VOIP IVR system identifies and segregates the callers according to the choice they make. You can also prioritize your customer’s calls, which will be put in front of the call queue which will offer you the flexibility of answering your calls according to your priority without even letting your client know. You can project yourself as a multi-department enterprise, as your callers will never know if your sales and support departments are same or not. This will make your customers more satisfied and will increase caller retention. You will be able to reflect a corporate class image to your clients which will help you build their trust and have faith in your company’s capabilities.

Gather customer information with IVR:

Our IVR not only manages efficiently all your voice traffic, but also helps you in achieving greater a level of customer satisfaction and efficient call handling. The IVR gathers customer information by simply asking a few questions and then select the best possible route for the call. In case it’s a previous caller, the IVR has the caller information readily available for the call handling personnel which can help him facilitate the customer in a better way. Small or medium size companies can opt for IVR services and can make their company look like an MNC. In this cut throat battle of racing ahead one has to take smart measures which are profitable for the company. This automated IVR system will help you reduce the cost of hiring trained personnel who can manage your calls.  Apart from improving your business communication, our Hosted PBX offers many more features like Unified Communication, Call, Call Hunt, Voicemail and Professional greetings. We provide 24X7 tech support, assured data backup, enterprise class QoS (Quality of Service) and disaster recovery with our Virtual PBX services so that you focus on your business and let us take care of your business communication.