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Hosted PBX feature Simultaneous Ringing Feature:

The Real PBX’s Simultaneous Ringing Feature is a great tool that lets you ring 5 additional numbers apart from your own number, all at the same time. These 5 numbers don’t need to be local; you can add number in the world to your list of numbers that you want to ring. You not only decide which numbers to ring but also decide the time for each number will ring. If you travel frequently then this feature is a must have that will ensure you never miss a call, no matter where you are.

Keep your Callers Happy with Small Business PBX:

As there are 5 numbers that you decide that will ring simultaneously there is no chance you will ever miss a call. But in case, the call still remains unanswered it will go to voicemail where your caller can leave a message of his choice. This is a wonderful feature for home business owners who can finish their daily tiny tasks like rushing to the grocery shop or picking their child from the school without the fear of missing their client’s call. You don’t have to sit around your office phone all the time, you can add your cell phone to the list of numbers for Simultaneous Ringing and your cell phone and office phone will ring at the same time. In case you are present in the office you can disable Simultaneous Ringing Feature.

Hosted PBX VOIP presents Single Access Point:

With The Real PBX’s Hosted PBX Systems you have a single access point for all your callers to reach you by just one number. When your number is called all the 5 phones you added to the list will ring at the same time and the number which picks the call first is connected. So you don’t have to give out multiple numbers or your personal cell phone number to people so that they may reach you. Just give out your office number and let your home phone and cell phone ring along with it. Our Hosted PBX VOIP Systems offer a range of advanced features to improve your business image and impress your callers. Get Unified Communication, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), Fax, email, voicemail and many other features at attractive prices.