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PBX Phone Systems

PBX Phone System Simplifying Business

Hosted PBX Systems, slowly and steadily have built their grounds into the business market. Hosted PBX is spreading like a new trend amongst the SMBs. With plethora of features that it has in its kitty to offer and that too at very competitive rates more and more people are making Virtual PBX their first choice. Business communication is a very crucial part of every business. People identify the company with the services it offers and how easy it is to interact with the firm to carry out work in a seamless fashion, no one likes to get entangled in a complicated situation where it is even difficult to comprehend the basic things. Hosted PBX is here to offer you and your clients a very simple and a robust communication setup.

Company grows on its client’s feedback and satisfaction. As clients are really crucial for organizations, Firms usually try and come up with solutions which can help them to retain their clients. Hosted PBX services are an up gradation to the existing telecommunication options available in the market. It is loaded with a lot of smart features which are responsible to streamline the communication. Virtual PBX does not aim at mere communication; it rather concentrates on effective communication. A simple communication can turn into an effective communication if the message that is intended to circulate has reached its destination. PBX offers such wide range of features right from calling to voice mail, hence there is no way that you do not receive the message. This specialty of PBX makes it stand out. For companies mainly SMBs customer calls are really important and so a system which makes sure you do not miss out any of your calls is definitely a boon.

Features Which Favors You

Virtual PBX systems are effective telecommunication systems which helps you save your money and time, and offer a huge wealth of features like

  • Unified Communication
  • Dial by name/extension
  • Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Advanced ACD

Hosted PBX VOIP can make a huge difference on your monthly call expenses; you can save your enterprise a lot of money on long distance calling, thus reducing your telecommunication bills to 90%.

Business PBX for better customer relationships:

The vast array of advanced calling features available with the Hosted PBX VOIP Systems like Automatic Call Distribution, IVR, Professionally Customized Greetings, Unified Communications, Voicemail and more help to project a professional image to impress your callers. Every time a caller calls the customized professional recording plays and greets the caller. These greetings can be customized in user specified ways. You can choose to play a different greeting at different times of the day. You can also choose to have a different greeting for every day of the week. Features like Virtual Receptionist help even a small organization to sound like a multi-department enterprise. All these features would help you to lay out a strong and organized image in front of your customers. 

A Dependable and Professional PBX Phone System

Get into hosted PBX system with The Real PBX and attain organizational objectives by downsizing your commercial telecommunication operating charges. With its advanced features and utilities, hosted PBX system can enhance the way you communicate with your business partners and clients. In comparison to a traditional PBX system, it is quite easy and less expensive to increase or decrease the number of extension lines with hosted PBX system in a scalable manner. In gist, Hosted PBX VOIP services can serve all the purposes that are needed for perfect and effective business communication.