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Visual Call Reports

Decisions based on the facts are strongly reliable. The Real PBX brings you all the facts in the most legible and usable manner to allow the easiest decision making for you to spearhead the business to unimaginable heights.

Visual Call Reports with our Hosted PBX services are automated and instantaneous, which means that you do not need a special team of experts to look after how the operations are going. You can easily change the durations, factors, parameters, etc. to get the reports of. It will help you identify your performers, weak-links, opportunities, and needs of your business.

Along with all those stats, it will also help you know and understand the customers better. The rush hours, most asked queries, your services and product feedback, and many more conclusions can be drawn with the analysis of the reports generated on Hosted PBX services of The Real PBX.

Reports on the Cloud

Hosted PBX flies on the power of cloud, which means it is accessible anywhere without the need of any set of wires connected to the server that eventually form a hard-to-solve a maze. With our services, you do not even need to think about the hardware.

Reports of communication over the PBX are stored on the cloud server that actually brings life to your business communication. And for the data of the reporting, you need not to pay any additional price.

Being on cloud means that you can access the reports from anywhere and that too any device as our solutions support computers, tablets and smartphones with ease.

So all you need to do is - Simply get your device connected to internet, login to your account and get going with the best.

Security at its Best

We understand that these reports can carry very crucial data of your business and we consider the data protection as our “optimum priority job”. And we assure no compromises with that. Reports are collected on the cloud by following the best security methods. So, only authenticated users are able to view the reports.

Do More with Numbers

The reports are prepared instantly, but you may not need them instantly. That is why we offer various options to extract the files for downloading. So, use the reports to

  • View and analyze the performance of the operators and company’s business sources
  • Prepare the future strategy for services
  • Prepare the audit report

 and a lot more.