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Save money with Hosted PBX with our Pay as you go plans:

With The Real PBX’s Small Business PBX system, you don’t have to buy and install expensive on-site PBX hardware. All the hardware setup is taken care of by us remotely, while you only require your IP phones and internet connection to use our Hosted PBX Services. No hardware requirement reduces the total upfront cost for your business. Our system is fully scalable to add any number of phones easily in just no time, as the number of employees in your organization grows. The Cheap International plans and unlimited calling and faxing at flat prices, lets you pay for what you use. You can also choose between toll free or local numbers with a desired area code. You can have an international at very reasonable prices along with high quality services to reflect your global presence.

Zero Maintenance Hosted PBX VOIP:

In addition to providing remarkable cost savings to reduce the overall cost of ownership and visibly reduced telephony bills, our Hosted PBX Systems require no maintenance. We take care of all the system upgrades and in case you face an issue, you can reach our highly professional team of dedicated Microsoft certified professionals to resolve it anytime of the day. We provide free technical support 24X7, 365 days of the year. This would help you to grow your company and would in turn increase the throughput of the firm.

Enterprise Class Voice Quality:

The Quality of Voice of our Small Business PBX is excellent, with the absence of jitters, echoes, voice repetition and noise. The clarity of business calls is better than other Hosted PBX Providers, as we maintain the QoS (Quality of Service) by voice prioritization techniques. The crystal clear voice quality makes your business communication smooth and efficient. We pride ourselves in serving the best quality services to our clients with our innovations to make their telecommunication experience more enriching.  We keep on upgrading our technology in order to serve our clients better.

Remote Workforce Management:

The Real PBX’s Hosted PBX VOIP is an excellent communication solution if you run a remote workforce. The ability to access the system from any location all of your employees can stay connected, just like the ones who are in the office. The virtual office concept manages remote employees seamlessly in real time, so that you don’t have to spend additionally on setting up an established business location. With a reliable broadband connection you can easily access the system and stay connected where ever you are. In case you have multiple office branches in different countries, the cheap international rates save you thousands of dollars annually in calling to your different offices. Hosted PBX services provide flexibility and hence you can get an edge over your competitors.