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How Does Hosted PBX VOIP work?

A PBX (Private Branch Exchange) works as a switch. It makes the connection between two or more calling parties through thick copper wires, over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). The traditional PBX systems involved hefty expenses due to buying and installing massive PBX equipments. Besides involving huge ownership costs, the earlier premise based PBX systems needed expert IT professionals to monitor and upgrade the telephony system. Thus, the earlier PBX systems remained a distant dream for many small businesses, who had limited IT budgets.

How Hosted PBX came into being:

With the innovations and massive developments in the field of data networks and internet telephony the Hosted PBX Systems came into being. The integration of voice telephony with digital data gave birth to the PBX VOIP. These IP based hosted PBX systems came as the answer to the prayers of SMBs as a low cost alternative to the earlier PBX systems.

Small Business PBX: A powerful telecommunication tool

The IP PBX Systems presented a huge range of advanced digital telephony features which were earlier not available with the traditional premise based PBX systems. These features included Unified Communication, IVR, Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Call Hunt, Call queue management, Customized professional greetings, dial by name/extensions, multi-party calling and many more at reduced prices.

Apart from reducing the overall telephony bills, the Hosted PBX Systems presented an ease of use, as the whole system is maintained by the service provider. All the IT needs from expansions to upgrades everything is taken care of by the Hosted PBX Provider. The advanced calling features helped small and growing enterprises to project a Fortune 500 company image.

How does IP PBX work:

The users get the PBX services on monthly or annual basis at a fixed rental. All the IT requirements are taken care of the service provider. The Hosted PBX VOIP transfers calls over the internet along with digital data. The voice is analog in nature. Before transmitting the voice over the internet, it is first converted into digital data packets. Then these data packets are compressed to optimize bandwidth usage. At the receiving end, these digital data packets are reassembled and converted back into analog from. To maintain the QoS (Quality of Service), the voice packets are given priority to data packets. The voice quality of the Hosted PBX System is just like that of an expensive business phone system.

The Real PBX provides Hosted PBX VOIP services to thousands of customers across the globe, with crystal clear voice quality and tons of advanced calling features at a price that fits into your telecom budget.