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Hosted PBX- A Splendid Communication System

Stay connected to all your customers, irrespective of the geographical location with Hosted PBX. For this, what you need is to arrange a telephone system for each staff and an internet connection. You don’t have to worry much about owning any other equipment and managing a complete communication set up. It is quite easy to handle each call, without missing a single one, with Hosted PBX system. Not only this much, it can also evade a large part of your business investment. Hosted PBX comes with certain additional features such as caller ID, transferring, fax, voicemail and music on hold. This is not the end for IP PBX feature list. Auto call handling and advanced call forwarding methods are also introduced in this latest phone system. It just needs few clicks of mouse to set up these methods.

One Bill from only One Vendor with Hosted PBX

Numerous vendors are needed to bring conventional business PBX services (the phone system provider, the repairing company, the long-distance account provider, the local phone provider, and the Internet account provider). With The Real PBX, you transact with only one retailer- and one bill- for all of the above mentioned services.

Reliable Small Business PBX:

Hosted PBX solutions are as reliable, simple to use and forceful as normal business phone systems but they offer abundant features and enhanced user experience a lower amount with the absence of any headaches! Highlights of a hosted PBX phone arrangement include:

  • Easiness : You are not handling a huge, infrastructure-laden telecommunications business with hundreds of kms of wire, massive phone switches, and pivotal offices to sustain. Hosted PBX / business VoIP services are delivered over the Internet or added connections that are exclusive in nature.
  • Basic Expenditure : There are no consumer premise-based accessories to buy, and with The Real PBX, even the VOIP phones, any appropriate routers, and all start-up fees can be formed into one low account lease.
  • Free Long-Distance Calls : Long-distance costs between your branch locations and employees are completely free and international rates are very minimal.
  • Technician Fee = NIL : When you need to alter or remove a phone or an employee from your phone setup system or when it's time to update your automatic-attendant recording or introducing a new feature you do not need to shell out money for a technician. Simply link up the phone at a new location and you are ready to start talking.
  • Expansion Made Easy : Your The Real PBX Hosted PBX service is the PBX hosted system with out-standing PBX software of the future. Irrespective of any new features that have been added over a period of time, no problem, we are confident of handling it, it's just a matter of integrating new software.

Why choose The Real PBX as your communication partner?

The Real PBX occupies a firm stand in delivering outstanding business communication services through Hosted PBX. Our technical experts claim to deliver the latest features of the enterprise class business phone systems at a price worth paying for. We deliver 24x7x365 technical support for seamless delivery of VOIP services. Try our services and experience the flawless flow of communication with us.