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Hosted PBX: Steroid for Communication System with Zero Side-Effect

Hosted PBX is a voice connectivity network between your customers and employees. Powered with Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VOIP), it removes the physical or geographical restrictions of the employees to stay connected. It means, your employees just need a phone with internet connection and they can be reached with a dedicated extension number for that particular network. It support almost all the basic phone system features, like- Caller ID, Voicemail, repeat dial. But what makes Hosted PBX a revolutionary introduction for the business phone systems are some advanced features, like- Fax, multiple way calls, softphone support, and lot more.

As an organization, you do not need to buy expensive hardware and equipment to setup a network as VOIP providers deliver complete setup over cloud. With top-notch security and reliability on offer, Hosted PBX turns into a myriad of unmatchable features- small and medium scale businesses would hardly have anything more to ask for from VOIP provider.

Reasons Why your Business Needs Hosted PBX on VOIP

Hosted PBX is a virtual PBX that acts as dedicated network for your organization that is easy to install and manage.

Cost Cutting: Running a business with handy number of employees demands them to communicate regularly. When the distant between them increases (because of: different branch locations, travels issues, etc.), the need of a devoted network is inevitable. For small business, setting up a full-fledged network infrastructure can be huge expenditure. Being a virtual network, Hosted PBX does not require any devoted network center at any of your offices; network is active on ever-available cloud. So, you just need the devices to set business on right track.

Ease of Usage: Not owning a complete network infrastructure is big escape from maintenance and management as well. Since, VOIP providers have expertise in maintaining it, you can simply concentrate on your business. More than that, they provide installation support to connect your staff to each other and maintenance support to keep the connection going without hassles.

Free Long-Distance Calls: No matters how far your branches are located, the communication between them remains a zero-cost affair over Hosted PBX thanks to the virtual characteristic of the network. For an IP-based network, all your network devices are always free to communicate with each other.

Limitless Network: As your business grows, your employee strength is sure to rise and that will not make tremors in your VOIP phone. With Hosted PBX, you can easily add new devices, located at the same or different location.

Technical Support at No Cost: The field of software always invites new updates, features and security checks for better future, and adopting with them might need some special care. But be assured that we will be available with that care, always, everywhere, and without any additional cost.