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Internet Fax:

Experience the ease with Internet Fax and get your faxes directly into your mailbox

Call ConferencingYou can receive your fax promptly by using our Internet FAX service.  In this growing business scenario in order to stay connected one must leverage the benefit of communication systems in the best possible manner. When you will use our Fax to email services, you will be able to receive fax which has been sent to your Real PBX’s local number or a toll free number in the PDF file format. The fax is automatically identified and is sent to your e-mail inbox.  This feature will make sure that your important document reaches to you in a secured manner.  This way our hosted PBX service helps you stay connected with your business in every possible manner.

Fax to email

The main highlights are as follows:

  • You can receive faxes around the clock without a fax machine
  • No need to buy  or download special software to activate this feature
  • Your company will become more eco friendly as there will be less use of stationery, cartridges, ink etc
  • You can access to your faxes from anywhere at anytime
  • You will get notification for new fax messages
  • Print, copy, save or delete even forward your fax with ease
  • Get a unified mailbox for all your needs ( for both email to fax and fax to email)
  • You can have your personalized “ Never busy” fax machine

You will never have to face the common issues like busy tone, out of paper, or out of order with the use of Internet fax feature by the Hosted PBX VoIP services. The faxes that come to on your Real PBX’s number are received on the user’s email. Our Hosted PBX services makes sure that your fax gets the through successfully.

E mail to fax

No matter if you have a large list of contacts then with email to fax you can send a single fax to all the person in your contact list.

  • Instant notifications
  • No need to install new software as internet fax is fully supported by our hosted PBX services. The software is cloud based and you can utilize the service anywhere and at anytime.  This way you can utilize email to fax and fax to email services anywhere at your own ease.
  • Highly secure, the faxes you send are encrypted to ensure the data security

Why to make a switch to the Real PBX’s Internet Fax

Reasons why you should dump your fax machines

  • You are not tied down to the fax machine any more. You can send/ receive faxes from anywhere all you need is a internet connection.
  • You can use your PC or your smart phones to send/ receive faxes and can effectively start using email to fax or fax to email feature.
  • No cost of maintenance or cost of ownership
  • More reliable services  as you will never miss out on your fax
  • More professional
  • You can contribute to environment in your own sweet way as Internet Fax by the virtual PBX services is green