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IP PBX Explore a new gateway of communication

Make a Difference with Smart Hosted IP PBX services

Together we stand, as we all know that there is more power in a joint fist instead of a single finger. Similarly, a smarter communication setup which offers you more than just the ability to talk is any day better than a telephone. IP PBX is that smarter option which not only offers a great communication system but there are a lot of additional perks which comes handy with this system. With the rapid realization of this fact, the popularity of this system is growing at a very large scale.

  • The traditional PBX systems had loads of tangled wires, complex and expensive PBX equipment, and a large team of expert technicians to monitor and upgrade the equipments. The Real PBX has made top-class IP PBX business phone services within the reach of small investors as well maintaining the quality intact. There is no initial cost that the customer has to bear to setup the infrastructure. The Hosted PBX service Providers would take care of all your worries.
  • Hosted IP based PBX systems make use of integrated Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and PBX features over a cloud hosted environment, drastically slashing the costs to almost 50%. The hosted IP PBX systems give business enterprises the advantages and benefits of an expensive business phone system at affordable prices. This in turn enhances the service channel of the enterprise and makes it easier and convenient for their customers to stay in touch with them. As we all know that businesses grow with the word of mouth as well. Having such services installed for client dealing can help small and medium enterprises have an influential impact in their customers.   
  • It is a full featured system that enables the user to forward calls anywhere, anytime, add or remove any number of extensions, send calls directly to voicemail etc. Look good feel good. The IP PBX systems do all this and more to help you project a Fortune 500 company image to callers. To have a standing in market it is very important to have standard system that is efficient enough to suit your requirements. Hosted IP PBX is just that solution for you. 

IP PBX can be managed from a web interface without a dedicated line between callers. This optimizes efficiency as voice and data are integrated over a single line and can also be used for transmitting other information while there is no voice traffic like during pauses between speeches. During a call, the voice packets are given priority than data packets during rush hours to ensure a business class Quality of Service (QoS).

Why Choose IP PBX?

Gone are the days when PBX systems could just be a part of large organizations only. PBX which is a shorthand form of Private Branch Exchange was initially used for intra organization communication only. With the intervention of cloud the scenario started changing soon enough. PBX was not just PBX anymore it became Hosted PBX or IP PBX.   

The advantages and benefits of the IP PBX can greatly outweigh those of the traditional PBX systems. A number of sophisticated, digital calling features that come as standard with the IP PBX, are generally not available with the traditional PBX systems. In short an IP PBX system is an integration of the traditional PBX features with the advanced telephony. 

IP PBX features

The standard calling features include

  • call forwarding,
  • call transfer,
  • 3 way calling,
  • music on hold,
  • find me,
  • follow me,
  • speed dial,
  • voicemail,
  • caller id and many more.

In addition to this, there is a vast array of advanced call management features like integrated auto attendant, multi user connectivity, remote employee support, virtual offices, toll free numbers, voicemail transcription, professionally customized greetings and many more to impress your callers and increase customer retention.

The IP PBX systems offer an unmatched flexibility and scalability to meet your changing business needs. Whether it is a 2 employee company or a 2000 employee company, the IP PBX systems have the potential to serve their business requirements. The service providers take care of the needs of the customer and his growing needs. The priceless benefits of IP PBX systems are a great way to improve business productivity and will soon replace the traditional PBX systems. It is a technologically evolved communication system that gives your business a competitive edge.

The IP PBX systems have come a long way in terms of quality and reliability. To ensure safety of data latest firewalls and meticulous safety measures are deployed by many service provides with multiple backups so that you digital phone service is never down. The ease of expansion is an incredible ability that makes IP PBX the right choice for small and growing business enterprises as there is a lot of fluctuations involved with the growing enterprise. We at Real PBX understand the needs of the client and strive for providing the high quality hosted PBX services.

IP PBX can make a difference in your business. It is a smart Technology which is touching many small business enterprises in a way that they are able to reap out the benefits of this technique. Projecting a right image would help organization to establish them as a brand and attain reputable standing. Hosted IP PBX helps your company to get there. Customers always remember the services of company; we as a Service Provider understand that and hence get the importance of delivering it. Try break through the shackle of traditional ways of business, and use the all new smart telephony of IP PBX system which would help develop your business manifolds.