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Take your number with you wherever you go

Go mobile with Hosted PBX

Communication forms the major building blocks of almost every business today. It forms the pathway that connects the provider and the consumer ends through a seamless channel and thus, facilitates the smooth flow of business activities to and fro the business chain. In this mobile age, business firms desire a great level of flexibility and mobility in their communication system. Hosted PBX services facilitate access to business conversation from anywhere- whether your workforce is working domestically, offshore or on- demand. This new technology complements business interactions by strengthening your communication infrastructure with features that help build an eternal bond of loyalty and faith with your customers.

What is the concept of moving numbers?

A business phone number is the very first requisite for the establishment of strong communication interface for your business. It is likely that you might turn out to be a better and larger business organization in the near future and might feel the need to relocate to a better location. Just because you shifted across the block, you don’t have to take the pain to unnecessarily inform the world about your new phone number or worry about the old one.  In such a situation, move numbers feature of Hosted PBX systems provide great convenience as it saves the expense of setting up a new communication line and changing your contact number all over again. Hosted PBX systems provide users with one number that is ported on the provider’s server and can be accessed from anywhere. This ensures number portability by having your old number ported to a new system. Thus with this feature, you just need to plug in the communication medium from your new geographical location and you are good to go.

Benefits of moving numbers

  • Maintain a single number no matter where you are
  • You just need to connect your business phone to the internet and start off with your conversation from anywhere, anytime.
  • Get freedom from the constraints of physical presence
  • Establish hassle-free business communication channel without limitations on your business boundaries
  • The need to setup a new communication phone line each time you shift is eliminated
  • Through number portability, you can carry your number wherever you go

The Real PBX is one of the leading Hosted PBX providers in the corporate market today. Our services inculcate a new communication culture in your organization with the introduction of hassle-free communication solution. We aim to serve business firms of all sizes with our exquisite set of services. This is the reason why we have plans for every size of business. The Real PBX engages a team of experts to ensure flawless delivery of services to users and watches out for our clients through free technical support services round the clock. Our systems help you build an enterprise communication solution which enables you to deal with organizational challenges while at the same time promoting employee productivity and business profitability.