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Hosted PBX Music on hold:

The hold music can actually affect your customer base in a large way. If you didn’t know, here are a few facts that will shed some light on the importance of a professionally sounding music on hold.

  • 7 callers out of ever 10 are placed on hold, on an average.
  • While on hold, with proper hold music callers stay on line 25% longer as compared to those with no hold music.
  • When you callers hang up on you 34% don’t call back.
  • 68 hours every year are spent on hold by callers.

These factors are enough to make one realize the importance of music on hold. At The Real PBX, we provide customizable music on hold with our Hosted PBX VOIP Services that will ensure that your callers never hang up on you and you still get to make a big impression on them.

Benefits of Customizable Hold Music:

The hold music is what your callers get to hear while they wait at the other end of the line for you to get ready to answer their call and meet their expectations. Though during the time a caller is put on hold he is not able to talk to anyone but he is still listening and judging. If your hold music is not good enough to engage him for as long as you are able to attend his call, he just might hang up and find a new supplier. We don’t want you to loose your valuable customers due to a silly pop music playing on hold. At The Real PBX, our Hosted PBX VOIP service comes with a range of customizable hold music including pop, jazz, classical, symphony, rock, piano and more. Not only this, you can also upload your own music file by simply logging onto your online control panel.

Why our Music on Hold is a Must:

The music on hold increases your chances of converting your caller into a potential customer and projecting yourself bigger and more professional. Our Small Business PBX Music on Hold is available at affordable prices to benefit your business organization in a number of ways: 

  • Engage your callers
  • Make the time of hold seem short
  • Inform callers about the latest products and offerings
  • Build a larger customer base and increase revenue
  • Win the customer’s loyalty and sound professional
  • Enhance the caller’s experience to build a positive impression

In addition to making your business communication an enriching experience for you and your callers, The Real PBX offers a range of business class features for its business phone services. These include Auto Attendant, Voicemail, Call Park, Call Hunt, ACD, IVR, DID, Virtual Offices, Home Phone, Customized Professional Greetings, Fax, Email Encryption, Call Conferencing, Caller ID and many more.
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