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Save time with Hosted PBX Repeat Dial feature:

This is a unique virtual PBX feature that saves your precious time by calling a desired number for you. With business PBX solution you do not have to dial again and again and get frustrated. The Real PBX "repeat dial" does this for you at lowest prices with its hosted pbx solution. If the person you are trying to call is unavailable then the repeat dial keeps dialing that number again and again till the call is made. The repeat dialing keeps on dialing that number for 30 minutes, after that repeat dial is disabled. When the line is available and the call is made, a special tune alerts the user. After the user picks the call he can talk to the called party.

Improve business productivity with Small Business PBX VOIP Systems:

You can also make and receive other important calls during repeat dial. Also you can do a lot of other work instead of dialing a number repeatedly. You can also cancel repeat dialing before the 30 minutes. You can concentrate on more important tasks while repeat dial makes the call for you on the hosted PBX environment. After the connection is made the user is alerted to pick the call. Now employees can focus on more relevant tasks to improve business productivity.