Data Security

The Hosted IP PBX technology is slowly evolving and making its way into our personal and professional lives as an excellent low cost alternative to an expensive business class office phone system. By implementing these security issues ‘The Real PBX’ systems are highly secure and protected against unwanted attacks and intrusions making it the ideal choice for small and medium business enterprises. Security in virtual PBX systems has been called in question recently. There is a little evidence that security in Virtual PBX system is any less then Public telephony.

Security issues over Virtual PBX VOIP like :-

SPIT (Spam over internet telephony),
Eaves dropping, SIP(session initiation protocol) registration hacking,
Spoofing or man in middle attack.

Hosted VOIP PBX:

These threats can be easily tackled with the help of vigilant network staff and common sense approaches like closing down unused ports and services ,utilizing firewalls and diligent intrusion detection . ‘The Real PBX’ hosted environment ensures that these security threats will be well taken care off by their certified technicians who are highly updated with the security issues. Virtual PBX systems are still the most cost effective way for maximizing organizational efficiencies and top notch customer care.

Highly Secure PBX System:

The Real PBX transfers voice calls over the high speed internet. Before transmitting the audio or speech signal it is converted into digital data packets and then is transferred to its destination over broadband network. At the destination these data packets are again converted back into analog voice. As the voice data is transmitted over IP hence it is important to ensure the security of the transmitted signals. The Real PBX ensures Secure Business Communication .


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