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Hosted PBX: Softphone Support

A Softphone is an application that enables the telephonic operations on the computer and such devices. For using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services, Softphone application must be correctly installed on the device. It enables the medium for making and receiving calls over internet.

Requirements for installation of Softphone:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or later for Computers, Manufacturer based OS for Smartphones
  • High-Speed Internet connection
  • Voice over Internet Phone Service

How to install and Setup Softphone:

  • Download the setup of Softphone. You can find some top-rated Softphones here.
  • Run the downloaded file to install the setup. Softphone installation procedure is mostly similar to the installation of other software.
  • You might receive a warning from your Firewall to inform that softphone needs access to internet. For using Voice services via softphone, the internet access must be permitted.
  • Make sure that your VoIP account manager has allowed you the requisite permissions.

Softphone Settings

After completing the installation process, you need to login to account to use calling features. The login will need details including username and password. VoIP account manager has the authority to set up these details and you can change password after login.

  • Click on ‘File’ in the Task Bar and then choose ‘Connection Settings’.
  • Enter the username in the Login ID field
  • Enter the password in the Password field
  • Click on ‘Reconnect’ to login and connect to the VoIP services. Green light at the bottom of the screen will appear to confirm the successful connection.
  • You can now make and receive calls using this service.

Receiving the Call:

  • Softphone shows a new dialogue box and makes a ringing sound when there is an incoming call coming. (Note: You can customize the ringer options in the settings after login)
  • In the dialogue box, you can click on ‘Accept (Green)’ button to receive the call.
  • To reject the call, click on ‘Reject (Red)’ button.

Making the Call

  • On the default screen of Softphone after login, you can click on the numbers (or simply enter them using Number-pad).
  • Click on ‘Dial’ button after entering the number to initiate the call.
  • Click on ‘Hangup’ button after completing the call.

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