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The Real PBX Support Manuals

Hosted PBX: Soft phone Support

SoftPhone is a software application that allows your PC based computer to act as a telephone. SoftPhone can both send and receive PBX-VOIP phone calls directly from your PC.

IP PBX for Small Business:

A PC compatible desktop or laptop: Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP operating system: High Speed Internet connection: voip Internet Phone Service.

How to Install SoftPhone :

To install SoftPhone:

Download SoftPhone from your voip account manager
When prompted, choose RUN to install SoftPhone to your PC.If you are running a Windows or any other Firewall software, you will get a warning that the SoftPhone is attempting to access the Internet. To use SoftPhone, you must allow the program access to the Internet.

Settings :

Once you have installed SoftPhone, you will need to enter your voip username and password (the same username/password used to logon to your account manager).
Click File - Connection Settings :
Enter your username in the Login ID field :
Enter your password in the Password field :
Click the Reconnect button
A green light on the bottom of the SoftPhone indicates you are ready to make and receive phone calls.

Receiving Calls :

When a phone call comes in, your SoftPhone will make a ringing noise.
To receive the call, click the Accept/Green button.
To reject the call, click the Reject/Red button.
Note: If you have activated your voice mail, rejected calls will be forwarded to your Voice Mail.

Making calls :

To make a phone call with SoftPhone:
Enter the number to dial by pressing the number keys
Click the Dial button, when completed with your call, press the Hangup button

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