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Hosted PBX VOIP Systems:

The Real PBX provides Hosted PBX Services through the web globally and supports IP phones, analog phones and soft phones. We provide a range of attractive business class features which intelligently route the calls to their appropriate destinations, including enhanced ACD and IVR. In addition to efficient call handling, our sophisticated digital call handling features include:

  • Voicemail, fax mail and email support
  • Virtual Offices and home Phone Systems
  • Unified Communication
  • Call Conferencing and 3 way calling
  • Call Park, Call Hunt and Simultaneous Ringing
  • Automated Attendant and Music on Hold
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • Visual Call Reports
  • Call Transferring, Call Waiting and Call Forwarding

An Office You Can Carry With You:

The Real PBX hosts its Small Business PBX services over a web interface with a secure login, so that the service is accessible 24X7 regardless of the user’s location. No additional hardware is required to be bought and managed to own your business phone system. Just a reliable broadband connection and a device o access the PBX system are required. You can take your laptop or phone with you while you travel and just plug it into the nearest available internet connection and you are ready to work. Our Hosted PBX VOIP System is a virtual office that you can carry around the globe.

Single Number Accessibility:

At The Real PBX we understand the pain you constantly have to go through by giving away your personal cell phone numbers and office numbers to clients so that you don’t miss their calls at any time. We have a solution for that. Now, you don’t have to give away your cell phone number so that callers can reach you. The features like find me, follow me and call forwarding to any number lets you include your home and personal cell phone number to ring up simultaneously in case of an incoming call to your office number so that no matter where you are, you will be able to answer your client and  manage your business remotely.

Easy Online Web Management:

The Real PBX’s Small Business PBX phone system is easy to manage through a secure online web control panel. This allows business owners and entrepreneurs to take control of their business without ever setting foot in the office. All the features can be configured to optimize the use of your business communication to grab more customers. You can record during hour and after hour greetings easily in many different languages. There is a range of customizable hold music that you can choose from or you can upload your own music.

Highest Level of Data Security:

We deploy the latest firewalls and anti-virus software to safeguard your data from attacks by hackers, spammers and intrusions. We provide email encryption so that you can carry out important business transaction through emails without the fear of loosing vital information such as credit card details and identity thefts. The meticulous and updated real time data monitoring and assured data back up makes us the choice of many business owners as the best business phone system.