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Toll Free Number

Performance of a business has a direct impact of the care that it shows towards its customers. There are many factors, which contribute to this display of care. Among those, ease of accessibility for the customers in reaching you holds a big count. If the customers can access to your support service quickly and without hassles, then you are likely to score well in your business performance sheet as well. But the impact might not be the same, if this fast and hassle-free connectivity costs your customer a good sum of money. This is where ‘Toll Free Number’ comes as the real game changer.

Going by the statistics, Toll Free Number commonly called as the 800 Number, gains special attention of the customer when displayed on different advertising medium, such as- website, pamphlet, TV commercial, etc. So, it makes your brand more appealing and attractive. There are many more positives that a business can extract by introducing Toll Free Number for the customers.

How Toll Free Number Boosts the Business

  • Delivers Extra Care for customer
  • Builds Reputation as a Brand
  • Faster and More Dedicated Solution than Email Support
  • Direct Growth in Sales Numbers
  • Improves Customer Retention and Up-sale Rate

Hosted PBX: Powering Toll Free Number for a Never Before Experience

When a business introduces Toll Free Number for its service, it aims at delivering a better service experience for the customers. Hosted PBX technology is the best solution for the same aim. It has multidimensional benefits for the 800 Number.

Mobility: Hosted PBX allows the freedom from location restrictions. You may have to connect the same customer with the representatives located at the different branches for best assistance. With Hosted PBX powering your Toll Free Number, you can connect them without any hassles. Also, the rise of the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and the Freelancing cultures is making it necessary for businesses to adopt the solutions that do not follow location restrictions. So, Hosted PBX is what business needs inevitably. Better to adopt early than waiting for competitors to race ahead of you.

Cost Efficiency: While the 800 Number brings relaxation for the customer’s pocket, you must take care it does not makes huge hole to your pocket. Hosted PBX is a cloud-based solution that brings a safe and secure connectivity medium for you and your customer that too at a very nominal pricing.

Ease of Maintenance and Management: Hosted PBX is rated among the most convenient services to manage and maintain. Working completely on cloud, the hosting company looks after most of the issues that one may come across and untangle them at the soonest. So, you need to take care of your customers only, while Hosted PBX will take care of your connection with them.

Additional Features: Hosted PBX service is loaded with features that will not only enhance the customer’s experience with your services, but also help you deliver support conveniently. Call-on-Hold, Multi-way Call, Secure Recording, Call Queue Management, etc. are some of the features that will take your customer support standards unimaginable heights.

US Toll Free Number

Give your Best to Your Best Customers

Toll Free Number with initials 800, 866, 877, and 888 are among the most used Toll Free Numbers in USA, the country that enjoys a very healthy economy and great customer base. If your business is centered at US based clients, then a dedicated country based Toll Free Number will be the best option to present yourself a brand meant only for them. More than that, with a US based Toll Free Number the business is more likely to impress the customers in the rest of the world. Toll Free Number is a service graced with huge number of positives for the business, using the 800 series number can be even better in many ways.

The Real PBX has been successfully associated with a number of customers for providing them with the optimum quality US Toll Free Number. Our optimum and ever-improving technology allows us to excel in the industry and makes us the best communication medium between you and your customer.