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Toll Free Number

Own a Toll Free number: Let your patrons reach you free of cost from anywhere

Toll Free NumberThere is a general assumption regarding a toll free number that the organization is more zealous towards its clientele and is having a considerable position in the market among its competitors. Communication goes easy and hassle free with a toll free number. Customers can call readily on a toll free number without worrying about the massive charges. Toll free numbers, also known as vanity numbers are quite helpful for SMBs to gain a corporate image into the market.

Let your customers know how receptive you are towards them!

Owning a Toll free number indicates your responsive image among your customers. Customers feel that you are careful enough to sort out their issues. Generally, it takes a substantial time to discuss the issues with the concerned person and hence most of the customers think a lot before calling to a chargeable number of a company. Here comes the positive role of vanity numbers that can help your customers to reach you without having any second thought.

Favors of owning a Toll Free or International Number

  • It boosts the response time towards the customers’ queries.
  • Helps in building a trust among customers
  • Provides a brand image to your business
  • Reflect you as a customer focused business
  • Helps in serving customers in an enhanced manner
  • Raises the sales avenues

Toll free numbers by hosted PBX systems

The 800 numbers can take you a step ahead. Hosted PBX services are trending now days. These services have huge advantages like cost efficiency, scalability, mobility and a better image for the firm. PBX services are feature rich and have features like auto call attendant, call transfer, call queue, call park, voice mail, video conferencing etc. Imagine the unmatched capability of Hosted PBX systems along with the benefits of vanity numbers. It would be such a great bargain; you will be able to combine the features Hosted PBX along with the traits of Toll Free number.

800 Numbers can significantly cut the cost by using PBX software based communications. These numbers have become a key component of successful business operations. We at The Real PBX intend to provide the amalgamation of hosted PBX with toll free numbers so that our clients can experience the best of both worlds. We provide Toll Free numbers and local numbers for more than 100 countries with call forwarding facility to your local mobile or extension worldwide. Avail our free trial and upgrade your business today.

US Toll Free

Look and Grow Bigger With A US Toll Free Number

A Panacea To Your Lead Generation Issue 

Toll free numbers are gaining popularity with the business world and the advertising industry. Numbers with the prefixes 800,866,877,888 are toll free or vanity numbers. Your callers don’t have to pay a single penny for making a call to you. This helps in attracting a lot of customers. Moreover these numbers will help you project a professional image of your enterprise. You can gain national and international presence with 800 numbers. A US toll free number is the best option for organizations which are functional in US. With a US toll free you will be able to assure your nationwide presence and also it can help you to win the trust of local clients.

A US toll free number can give your customers an easy access to your services. A toll free number says “talk to us” in disguise. This will make sure that customers do not hesitate to give you a call. People usually have this perception that a company having a toll free or a vanity number is more user-friendly. With increase in customer response you will be able to boost your sales with a US toll free number. Having 800 numbers can help you to facilitate:

  • More attention to your customers
  • More chances to win back clients
  • Better and bigger professional image
  • Reach ability

These numbers are now easily available with the hosted PBX services at extremely affordable price. You can even have a local US number whose calls can be forwarded to your international number. This gives an opportunity to even small and medium size companies to compete with their larger counterparts.