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Unified Communication

Unified Communication is the technology of providing different communications means on a single platforms. In simpler interpretation, delivering the unification of communication is known as unified communication. Researches have been making attempts of developing this technology from a long time. But the advancement of internet and digital communication in recent years has turned out to be the major reason that made unified communication a practical possibility.

The Real PBX has always been a little ahead of time to give an additional edge to its customers and the story is same with unified communication. We have the most advancement for of unified communication system in place for the operations of Hosted PBX.

How Unified Communication Works?

Methods of communication in the modern era are voice calls, instant messages, location sharing, conferencing, multimedia sharing, unification of inbox, etc. Unified Communication brings all these methods on the same platform. Internet carries almost all the data in digital (or binary) form, i.e. in form of 0s and 1s. Since, the basic form of the different content has turned same the transfer on the same medium is very much possible. But a major limitation that still pertained was speed of transfer. Form of data is same but the size varied to a great extent. A delayed transmission or exchange of data limited the practicality of unified communication.

The speed of transmission over internet has improved, but major transformation comes with the digitation techniques. The techniques used to convert the communication data into the digital data can affect the size. The Real Time data works on the most efficient digitization techniques to provide the most optimum quality of unified communication.

By offering so much of communication media on the same network, the user is able to work on different applications on same device. This means that a pager to send and receive texts, a phone to make and receive calls, a desktop to read and send emails, etc. can be complied into the same device. This service is equally productive to putting all separate devices together, if not more. Some of the benefits that unified communication provides are:

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