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Unified Communications

Unified Communication- The Easy Way Out

It has not been that long ago when the concept of unified communication was a distant dream. Technological advancements have taken a toll and the same can be said about the networking standards. Due to these rapid changes the level of communication has improved and is more reasonable. Unified communications remained an unknown conjecture up till now, but as the business communication is taking a different shape altogether people are getting fascinated. It is a technology which helps integrate all the advanced techniques of communication over a single platform. Hosted PBX services have also become synonymous with the unified communication. As the name suggests, it is an integrated platform for interaction and it facilitates its users one of the most crucial things for carrying out a seamless business, the mobility.

Unified Communication- The Doorway to New Communication Horizons

Our Unified Communication service improves your business image and gives you an organized office environment with features like:

Reduced response time- The various communication media types are integrated in real time to minimize delays and increase the speed of response. This will help make the process more focused.

Multimedia services-Different media types are mixed like image, text, audio and video thereby forming a unified unit over an application. Unified communication encompasses a wide category and we at the real PBX offers this service in its full colors.

Seamless collaboration of real-time and non-real-time media:The real time elements like instant messaging, voice calls, video conferencing and non-real time elements like e-mail, fax and voicemail are collaborated and integrated together. There is one unique platform for all your work like sending a mail or video conferencing. You do not have to get hassled by switching devices or services. It is just one thing and you are sorted.    Read More....