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Virtual Phone System

No Cabins, No Desks- Still Higher Productivity

Controlling business expenses and still earning more than a substantial growth-is what every business seeks. Most entrepreneurs, business policy formulators, corporate brainpowers and all such people keep experimenting with various strategies for the same. If you are a part of such species, then The Real PBX can cut your task short with its revolutionary solution- Virtual Phone System.

Virtual Phone System is an elevation for your business to the cloud. Highly reliable and trusted cloud computing services can replace your office premises by availing most of your business needs on internet. So, you do not require a complete business framework at an expensive location.

How Virtual Phone System Works?

Most of the businesses today rely on IT layout. That means Software applications, communication network and data storage constitute most of the business setup. Virtual Phone System is providing all these constituents on cloud. The secure cloud of The Real PBX hosts these services for you to reduce the needs of a physical office setup to minimum.

The cloud can provide you-

  • Very secure storage space that is flexible to fit your needs
  • Virtual PBX to provide a phone connectivity network for your customers and employees
  • Software can be availed as service to keep the works going without on-device installation

It constitutes a complete Virtual Phone System- so wherever your employees are located, they can connect, work and deliver the productivity that want.

 What Makes Using Virtual Phone System a Smart Idea?

Virtual Phone System is bundle of goodness for the business, especially Small and Medium Businesses, who are struggling to deal with the office locations. To utilize the abilities of the employees who cannot relocate to the office location, or those who need to travel a lot, Virtual Phone System is the best possible tactic possible. Not enough reasons to love Virtual Phone System? Here are more benefits that only Virtual Phone System can deliver:

Feasibility of Mobility: The coming technology is highly focused on the mobile devices and the Virtual Phone System suits that perfectly. Not only are the differently located employees able to connect for planning, brainstorming, and delivering the optimum productivity, but the owner of the business is also able to control, direct and monitor the proceeding going on from any remote location. Virtual Phone System gives a complete freedom from geographical restrictions.

Zero Office Furnishing, High Cost Saving: The burden of office building and its furnishing can easily increase the business spending by many folds. Virtual Phone System is lighter in cost and by employing Virtual Phone System for your business you can almost nullify the need for those expenses.

Continuous Monitor on Employees: If you believe that your physical presence is the only way to know the performance of your employees, then you are living in the past. Virtual Phone System knows that keeping an eye on the performance of the employee is critical and lets you do that in many ways. You can have the instant view on the files being worked upon with a well-managed change log, or you can even get the reports of the tasks delivered for any period of time within a couple of click.

Secure as Ever: The cloud that will host the Virtual Phone System of yours is completely secured with latest and most secure encryption technologies. So, relax as NO stray minds have access to your data.

No Limits on Expansion: Cloud is limitless and that’s what your business can turn by adopting it. You can easily add more employees, storage capacity, and applications as the demands of your business changes. With immense flexibility of our plans, the customizations of Virtual Phone System for you will always a friendly task.

The Real PBX- Best Virtual Phone System Choice

  • Best-in-Class VoIP Technology
  • Affordable and Scalable Plans
  • 24x7 Technical Support
  • User-Friendly Setup
  • Unmatched Features