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Virtual PBX

For years, PBX (or Private Branch Exchange) has successfully helped businesses in maintaining the communication network between their employees and customers. Using this system, one could connect from one point in organization to another, by simply dialing a ‘few digit extension number’. Technology is an ever-improving concept and so is PBX. The latest improvement in the traditional PBX technology is the shift to virtual PBX technology. For a simple definition, one can say virtual PBX technology is the software version of the traditional PBX.

Why I Need Virtual PBX?

Virtual PBX uses the cloud network for setting us the connectivity between the different devices. The setup in this case is software-based and the installation is supported by most of the smartphones and computers. The Virtual PBX is eco-friendly, secure, simple and easy-to-maintain. By removing the wires and cables from the traditional PBX, a number of goods can be achieved. Checkout this list of some of such features:

No Need of Dedicated Server Room and Hardware: Virtual PBX works on the cloud network and therefore, there is no need of all the hardware setup that was required by the traditional one. It is a win-win situation for both small and big businesses. Big businesses now do not need a special team to look after the whole network setup at each of their branch. At the same time, small businesses that do not have enough space for PBX server will not have to make compromises.

Cost Effective: With Virtual PBX, you do not need hardware, physical space, and a team to look after them. This saves a considerable amount of money as the cloud service is a lot more convenient option. So now, think about earning money and not about spending.

Forget Network Crashes, Cable Errors: Some overload on the server and then complete system would crash- that’s an ancient era now. Cloud is a smart place for smart people. It can adjust with the network. Citing the rush hours, traffic flow and other such parameters, Cloud can allow flexible bandwidth, so that your business keeps getting better and better, without crashes.

Ease of Expansion: When your business grows, cloud grows with you. Adding more devices to the Virtual PBX network is just a matter of installing software to the device and allowing them the requisite permissions from the cloud. All this takes around couple of minutes.

Every Available: If your employees are located at different branches, or they work as freelancers from different location, or anyone of them is travelling for business visit, the Virtual PBX will keep them all connected without costing them anything.

Secure Connectivity: Virtual PBX is secured using the most advanced encryption techniques. So, it ensures that conversations remains only between those who are ethically eligible and no foreign parties are allowed to reach it.


The Real PBX

The Real PBX is a team of experts at PBX services. We understand how valuable a PBX network is for the businesses to operate. This core understanding allows us to fine tune even the minutest part of Virtual PBX service. The benefits of choosing The Real PBX for Virtual PBX setup of your organization are:

  • Top-notch service standard
  • Latest security techniques
  • Get email, fax, and voice connectivity over the same device
  • Additional features, like: multi-way call, secure recording, etc. available
  • Unlimited Extension Options
  • Nominal Pricing to fit your pocket