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Virtual Extensions

Virtual Extension is a simplistic way of reducing manual efforts in handling the incoming calls. It does not require a physical extension setup and can be configured completely as software. Within some clicks with a mouse on PC or taps on your smartphone, the Virtual Extension of Hosted PBX can be set to deliver the specified information to the callers.

Virtual Extension can smartly announce the information that the callers may be looking for, such as- their outstanding billing amount, working hours, contact details, etc. Depending on the business you deliver, this feature can fit the requirement to announce the any detail as you can customize the message. So, using an automated virtual extension save the human brain for some other thoughtful works.

Why Business Needs Virtual Extension?

When a customer calls the customer support seeking for the assistance, there are numerous of enquiries that they may ask and a fit human brain of your customer support has to entertain them with the instant and amenable answers. To give the better support experience, you deploy different departments, each working with their specialization to deliver best for the customer.

The Real PBX helps the businesses even better. With loads of features on offer, such as- Advanced ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) that can filter the calls to the requisite department, we aim to keep things simple and easy on both ends- the caller’s and the receiver’s. While some studies claim that most businesses are satisfied with these features, we still went some steps ahead to bring out better.

As per our studies, a huge number of calls from the customers do not necessarily require a particular a representative for services. Such queries are usually same or repeatable, like – your business address, particular plan pricing, etc. These unchangeable queries can be answered without the needs of humanoid tweaks. But most businesses keep their well-trained representative delivers the same details again and again, while other callers remain on waiting queue.

Virtual Extension helps in conveying the messages that can simply be played as per the inputs of the caller. The calls from the Advanced ACD can be directed to the Virtual Extension, which is easy to setup for the responses. Virtual extension can also direct the customer to voicemail, if needed.

Benefits of Virtual Extension:

  • Saves load on call attendants
  • Quality information provided
  • Voicemail option available
  • Deliver information to the customer quickly
  • Compatible with Advanced ACD
  • Completely automated service