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VoIP Phone Services

Voice over Internet Protocol (or VoIP) is simply a telephonic network that is powered by the medium of Internet. Internet protocol has earned phenomenal success with networking of data. It took the data security, maintenance, and transportation to an unimaginable level and provoked the geniuses to try the same for voice networks.

Also known with the names, like- IP telephony, Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service, VoIP allows the sharing of voice and multimedia over Internet Protocol. The results delivered by VoIP are better than any other voice communication technology. Voice over Internet Protocol induced the new packages of potential for the way businesses communicate.

Features of VoIP Phone Services

  • Loaded with features, like-Multi-way Calling, Call forwarding, IVR, Voicemail, Caller ID, etc.
  • Soft Phone Adaptability
  • Do Not Disturb Service
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Queue Management

But don’t consider VoIP phone service as the best possible option.

There is something even better and it is known as VoIP phone service of The Real PBX.

VoIP phone service of The Real PBX- quite a distance ahead

The Real PBX, an enormous name in this industry has been ruling the market with its quality services for more than decade. Even if you have used VoIP phone services in past, you will find VoIP phone services of The Real PBX is completely new and a lot better experience. The smart engineering of The Real PBX adds a lot more to a well-studded Voice over Internet Protocol service.

What VoIP phone service of The Real PBX can do?

  • Remote User Integration
  • Instant Virtual Call Report
  • Secure and Private Integration for enterprises
  • Instant Call Monitoring
  • Instant Call Recording and Backup on Cloud
  • Location Independent Calling
  • Integration With Video, Data, Audio Conferencing
  • Managing Address Books, And Many Others
  • 24x7 Technical Support

Flexible Plans- Different Strokes for Different Folks

One size does not fit all and that is why The Real PBX  offers separate plans for everyone’s need. You can choose your plan as per the need of extensions or operators. Once you decide on a plan, then rolling the service on the devices will take only a few minutes. To simplify things even further, our technical support is available 24x7 to install and setup the services smoothly.

With the time, the service needs will change and we won’t act as logjam. The Real PBX will not force you stay fixed in what you have chosen. We are scalable and flexible. You can modify the plans you have chosen. So, The Real PBX will always be a part of your success.

Our expertise and experience at Cloud Services allows us to keep things secure and convenient for you. As we mentioned, changing the plan is easy and quick. The same is valid without any geographical location. If you require expanding your VoIP network to a different branch, it can easily be done. You can even adapt this technology for mobile devices.