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UCaaS vs PBX – Who Will Win the Business War?

Unified communication is on the rise and according to a survey conducted by Broadsoft suggests that more than 51% of businesses are expected to adopt Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS), which is a 10% increase from the survey conducted in the previous year. The large enterprise segments have a more positive mindset in adopting […]

How Communication Trends Are Changing With Cloud

Image Credit: Unsplash Ever since cloud came into the picture, communication has revamped for better. In the sense of making a communication more robust and industry-specific, it is important that the solution should have a pool of features and maintains a smooth connectivity. Today, the cloud is one such refined technology that has taken a […]

New Era in Industries with Cloud Communications

Today, Cloud Technology has influenced different segments of the business. With advancement in technology and customers being more aware, there is a need for every industry to match up with it and adapt to industry changes. One of the disruptive changes that almost every industry is witnessing is in the way they communicate – either […]

How Switching to VoIP Helps Saves the Environment

In the recent times VoIP based communication solutions have proved to be eco-friendly. If we look at how VoIP is helping in keeping the environment green. The foremost reason is, VoIP doesn’t use any traditional hardware setup to take care of things in customer support environment. The lesser the usage of hardware leads to lesser […]