10 Technology Trends To Look Out For In 2017

Technology has been growing both is scale and scope, influencing not only our individual lifestyles but the entire global commerce and business industry. With that being said, don’t expect that the rapid growth of technology is going to slow down anytime soon. According to the American research and advisory firm, Gartner, here are 10 interesting […]

10 Must Have Phone Systems Features That Every Business Needs

Versatile and dynamic phone systems are crucial for any modern business and its internal operations and infrastructure. This infographic aims to simplify the basic features of an effective business phone system and helps you better understand how these modern features are absolutely necessary for businesses today. 1. Find Me/ Follow Me: Allows business agents to make […]

Infographic – 5 Reasons Why VoIP is Important for Healthcare Sector

In time and right information delivered satisfactorily forms the vital aspect of patient-centric health care service. And with VoIP solutions, it becomes easy for both patients and healthcare service providers to connect with desired medical professional, schedule an appointment and send alerts to nurses as per their convenience. With VoIP service integrated into business space, […]

[Infographic] – 5 Things You Should Know About WebRTC

Browser-based technology that functions independent of device or platform – WebRTC real-time communication solution has completely changed the way we communicate and meet end user’s expectations. From user, an integrator to a developer – WebRTC brings benefits for all and enables direct interaction with customers throughout their buying journey. WebRTC can completely transform the communication […]