How VoIP is Changing Social Media Networking?

Sound is accepted as the best form of expressions among humans. The crux of human communication is vocal expression, and telephone is one of the mostly used mean of communication. Today, any kind/ form of transformation in functionality of telephones are watched discreetly. The advancements in telephone and internet have given arrival to VoIP telephony. […]

Empowering Education with Cloud Telephony

The year 2004 marked the onset of rapid transformation and enhancement in VoIP Technology. And now, VoIP services offer benefits much above legacy telephony. Basic equivalences of the services are same but value propositions diverge much beyond the equation. In the recent years, several options to develop VoIP phone system platforms have emerged such as […]

Internet Fax – All That You Need to Know

Communication acts as the backbone for the business. Among different modes of communication that businesses around the world are relying on, fax remains persistently strong communication channel. Many new technologies (email is one of them, of course) have been developed after fax, but they have hardly been able to shake the grounds for this evergreen […]