Unifying Experience In a World of Unified Communications

Unified Communications (UC) is a widespread marketing buzzword which defines the IT integration, phenomenon of real-time business communication services and solutions like instant messaging, voice, mobility features, etc. With traditional communication systems like voicemail, e-mail, SMS, etc. Therefore, we can say that Unified Communication is not a solitary product or solution and is rather a […]

AI Implementations For Unified Communications

AI has become quite the buzzword in today’s corporate echelons. It is a promising new technology which when properly implemented offers immense business enhancing advantages to businesses of all sorts and sizes, regardless of their operational industry vertical. Unified communication technology is one such area where AI can be implemented on the grassroot levels to […]

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Unified Communication

Every business needs a well-equipped platform of communication and to make this happen, the cloud has played a very important role so far. And with cloud solutions, unified communication surfaced up. The concept of unified communications came into existence with an idea of making one such platform that integrates various communication services such as chat, […]

5 Trends for Business Communications in 2017

Communication as we all know it is an integral part of just about everything in our lives, including business and commerce. In the corporate world, an effective and smooth channel of communication is absolutely vital for successful business operations. It ensures a steady and coherent flow of valuable information between various stakeholders, employees, departments, partners, […]

How Changing Work Habits is Driving UC Adoption?

In current business space, boosting employees’ efficiency and productivity in work space triggers down to optimization. Employees need the flexibility to collaborate, communicate and organize the way they want. Right tools and applications in place enable workers to focus more efficiently in critical business areas. The applications being talked about are cross-platform apps that keep […]